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Topic: Voices of Native America

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    Voices of Native America

    Has anyone used this sample library? I am scoring a film that needs a small amount of native american music in it, and I really don\'t have any appropriate instruments.

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    Re: Voices of Native America

    Hi, I\'ve had it for over a year and I think it would be excellent for your application. There are several types of flutes including great phrases that are very usable. Also there are many drum and percussion sounds and finally there are vocal phrases that are usable but it would be nice to know the English translation.

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    Re: Voices of Native America

    Thanks Punda. Are any of the flute instruments any good, or am I pretty much stuck with using pre-recorded phrases?

    I\'m also debating whether to buy the Giga version for $250 or just go with the Audio CD for $99 and mapping out my own samples.

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    Re: Voices of Native America

    I priced the CD you\'re speaking of today at Soundchaser.com for $42.95 and from what I\'ve heard of the demo CD from Q-Up Arts (which I highly recommend you order-comes with limited versions of that and several others in Gig format) it should be no problem to map out on your own. Some of the looped stuff could be isloated and Gigafied. The flutes and drums are truly well recorded. There is a certain degree of \"authority\", authenticity, realism in this work that has attracted me to it the first time I layed ears on it. The general consensus is that it is overpriced at $250 and somewhat limited especially as far as some of the loops are concerned. No one has complained of the quality and I say go for the CD version.

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    Re: Voices of Native America

    Actually that is the ACID-loop disk that has .wav files. I saw the Audio CD for $99. I think the Audio CD would be better because it actually has the instruments and not just loops.

    How difficult is it to map out your own .gigs from an Audio CD? I have never created any .gigs before.

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