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Topic: Some wishes making life easier

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    Some wishes making life easier

    Hi folks
    Another "utopia" from Holland. First I am using Overture with the playback facilities. Suppose I have an orchestral score with 17 or more instruments, dito tracks, all assigned to some instrument samples. For making wave files due for SONAR, Digital Performer or else, you have to output each solo-ed track under VST/Record to File separately. With very short pieces that doesn't take much time, but for a symphony or pianoconcerto with 3 or 4 parts this is really flogging a dead horse (is this the right saying?), in particular when the parts are 5 to 20 minutes long. Imagine yourself, 17 tracks multiplied by 20 - per part and we have 4 - . so from early morning until late at night I am merely waiting and waiting...... until the tracks have been played one by one and output to individual wave files.

    Wether or not this will possibly be solved in the next version of Overture, I really don't have a clue.
    Is there some program like Cantabile/Bidule capable of having input from redirected MIDI - low latency - passing by the appropriate VSTi plugs - making separate audio files for all tracks? All in one go?


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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    Hi Raymond,
    If I have a piece of music with 68 instruments from many different ARIA players,
    they will all be assigned to various mono and stereo audio tracks for recording in DP.

    Once all my midi editing is finished, I set every audio track to record and then you guessed it,,,,,

    hit record

    If the piece is twenty minutes long, that's how long it will take to record all the instruments.
    After all the sounds are recorded, I disable all the ARIA players and start mixing.

    I don't use notation because none of the stuff I do is ever going to be played by a real orchestra so I could care less about having a score.
    Since you start your work in a notation program, my suggestion is to export a standard midi file and import that into Sonar.
    Then record your separate audio tracks there and mix.


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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    Im not sure how works Overture, but with any DAW you can "render offline" any vsti. Even if your midi is 5 min long, the offline rendering will be much faster (according to your cpu, hard disk speed, etc).
    You will need to load your midi file exported by overture in some DAW like reaper, sonar, etc, and "bounce" the tracks.
    Alternatively, if i correctly remember, Synthfon, a free program, allows you to load midi files, direct them to VSTis and render them to separated waves in one pass.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    no need for any of that, just use Sonar, and don't bounce,
    RECORD the audio tracks in real time.

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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    The thought behind this is the following. Overture has the capability doing a lot of Midi editing, like adding CC's, keyswitches etc..., drawing all sorts of things like I do in Sonar. It is a notation program, that's right and exporting to MIDI is obvious.

    Some VSti's I use don't load on a 32-bits host, which is necessary to run and load succesfully Altiverb.
    So I use Sonar 64 bits for MIDI editing and rendering/editing to wave files, each track - there we go again - separately. Those individual audio-/wave tracks are imported into Sonar 32 for setting up groups of instruments (buses) for Altiverb.

    It looks complicated and it is, but that's the way I am obliged to work.


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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    can you run Sonar in 32 bit mode?
    I can't imagine a VSTi that is not capable of running 32 bit, I can however understand that you may have VSTi's that won't run in Sonar 64.
    Record only what won't run in Sonar from the notation program, then record the rest in Sonar.

    64 bit architecture is not going to make a project sound like it was mixed by a different engineer.

    In other words....
    so many people get wrapped up in this 64 bit crap.. (OK it isn't crap), but they think if they buy
    a new 64 bit system, their mixes will magically sound like it was mixed by a professional engineer.

    I honestly don't understand all the confusion. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I am running a Mac with everything and anything I want for sounds,... Garritan, Spectrasonics, VSL, Altiverb, DP in 32 bit, and all on a 64 bit Mac platform, no issues, no warnings, no complaints.


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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    Hi Dan,

    the only reason I am on 64 bits machine is the memory issue. Programs like Overture/Sonar 32 bit are only aware of the 3 Gb limit and within that amount I cannot load every instrument with multiple voices (like spiccato, pizzicato, marcato, up to 8 diff voices per track/instrument). Of course I may use jBridge to get those RAM-hungry EWQL samples outside the memory needed for Overture itself. jBridge makes his "own" environment. But still then I ran into "cannot load this sample because you are running out of available memory" when using SONAR 32 bits. BTW, I never had the idea that 64 bits makes a professional rendering easier than in 32 bits. It is only that memory thing in Windows. I ran into those memory problems when I had Windows XP 32 bits in the old days.

    I should have bought a Mac instead. Windows 7 gives me too much headache. But the wallet is almost empty... Oh I see receipt for to upcoming new Garritan developments....... (haha).


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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN View Post

    I don't use notation because none of the stuff I do is ever going to be played by a real orchestra so I could care less about having a score.


    yes, but then one day that Jason Johnson guy called up and you didn' t even have a score!

    Shame on you!

    Never say never.....

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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    I'm also on 32bit - the ram ceiling does limit things - especially with the music I'm producing. I found that recording tracks to audio channels and dropping the library patches to be the best way. Bit of a juggling act. I can't justify the cost of a 64bit machine at the moment - not after the cost of the libraries themselves.

    Maybe after if I hit a profit margin (in 2016 or thereabouts)...
    YouTube Music:
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    Re: Some wishes making life easier

    @ sec2 HA HA HA HA HA

    ya got me

    I understand now Raymond, those EW guys

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