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Topic: Kontakt 4 hanging notes

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    Kontakt 4 hanging notes

    Anybody have problems with hanging notes using the Kontakt library in K4? Everytime I play a midi track it hangs and I have to
    go to the ! to release it. Also I can't delete an instrument without crashing. And don't even ask about playing GS3 samples
    (which is what I bought the K4 for). And tech support doesn't bother to answer my requests.

    Does anyone notice I'm a little frustrated? It's a great product, I know, but how about a little support-please! I have a very ordinary garden variety Dell computer with ordinary (but adequate) specs that plays every other software just fine. What
    am I missing here?

    Any insights at all would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Kontakt 4 hanging notes

    Definitely try posting on the NI forum. Both K4 and K5 work fine here with a numerous libraries and with several instances all running at the same time. Where your problem lies is anyone's guess, because it could be anything from your DAW (you don't mention it) to your system or o/s. What you are describing is abnormal behaviour, so it's hard to know where to start. Perhaps more info on your setup would help. Anyway, you've stated what is wrong, but there's no information provided that would help anyone help you. Perhaps try again?
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