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Topic: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

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    while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    This song was inspired by the sound of a music box. It uses GPO harp and JABB alto flute.
    Please give it a listen and if you have chance, let me know what you think.


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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    This is nice, lite indeed! The balance between the instruments, to my ear, is perfect and it definitely has that music-box quality to it. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    Sanyarem! Thanks very much for listening and your comment. I had fun writing this.

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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    Yes, great job with the harp. I love the melody - the harp creates that almost creepy feel in parts. When I hear music boxes, I usually associate them with creepy kids in horror films - so that's where I'm getting that image from, though it was probably the furthest thing from your mind when composing. :-)

    I think the flute is good, I would personally add more reverb to it so that it would balance will with the harp - which has a natural ring to it. But either way, great piece.
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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    I am glad that you liked this Graham. This is a fairly understated song. It makes me feel a little calm when I listen to it. It is a far cry from your rousing SEA DOGS (which I liked a lot.) I was surprised to hear that the harp in that range sounded a little like a music box. Anyway, thanks for the listen. It is much appreciated.

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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    Jay, you have such a breadth and wide range in your compositions, it's astonishing.

    This music box piece has such a lovely quality to it, and it verges on "haunting" as we often say about light, lilting music - but the flute has a calming influence on the melody, especially with its grace notes, making the piece more peaceful than haunting. That makes for a really nice effect.

    Good work, my friend.


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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    Randy! Thanks a lot for your nice words. I think that it is fun to try and write something out in different styles. I'm sometimes successful and sometimes not so successful. I thought that this piece was very mellow and I wanted to post it for input. I appreciate you giving it a listen.

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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    Y'know... I am usually not a fan of small ensembles. I prefer the color of a full orchestra (or whatever ensemble is at hand: rock band, wind ensemble, string choir, etc.). I gotta say, however, that this very nice to listen to. I never once thought, "Ooh, such-and-such instrument would sound great in that phrase!). Bravo, sir. Very simple yet catchy... like something you would hear in some of those old adventure games from Sierra (King's Quest anyone?).

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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    I am glad that you enjoyed this. I like larger sounds also. I think I was in a pretty tranquil mood when I started on this and it kind of painted the overall feel for the piece. Thanks for listening and commenting.

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    Re: while the nymph sleeps (lite classical)

    I liked this music. It's very soothing and also interesting.

    I was hearing maybe a piano, bass and soft drums coming in for a bit and then the end with the harp and flute again.

    But it's very nice as is.


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