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Topic: Symphony of Voices

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    Symphony of Voices

    I am considering the purchase of Symphony of Voices CD ROM collection. I have two options.....first of all, S.O.V. does not come in native Giga format. I do have Giga Studio 160 and also a Kurzweil K2500 with the sampling option which gives 20 bit digital outs. S.O.V. does come in native Kurzweil format and Akai format which can be S converted into Giga Sampler.

    Considering I have both Giga Studio 160 and a K2500 with the sampling option which gives 20 bit digital outs, would S.O.V. work and sound better in native Kurzweil format on the K2500, or would the native Akai S.O.V. version work and sound as well or better in Giga Studio?

    Has anyone had any experience with Symphony of Voices in either the Akai version in Giga Sampler or the Kurzweil version on a K2500?


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    Re: Symphony of Voices

    I don\'t have a Kurzweil K2500 but I can tell you that S.O.V in akai format converts very well to Giga format. It is an excellent CD if you are looking for great choir sounds especially boys choirs.
    Just slap the 5 CD rom set into your CD drive and it will easily \'read partition\' and then you can convert all the files to Gig.

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    Re: Symphony of Voices

    Ditto Damon. Also, the tenor and soprano solo sounds are terrific.

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