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Topic: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

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    The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    I\'m about to drop a hefty amount (relatively speaking from a student\'s standpoint of course) on a few sample libraries. Because I do know quite a few professional woodwind instrumentalists that are willing to record relativley cheaply for me, I am going to start the sample collection with Brass and Strings. The question of the moment is, which Brass st should I buy? Here\'s what a relative new-comer has noticed so far:

    AO has some incredible reviews. The music that I\'ve downloaded off of Best Services web site sounds as though it\'s pretty nice, but it is extrememely hard to tell as the bit rate is awful. My recourse was to contact East West, distributing for them in the U.S., and request a demo cd to make sure. It should be here tommorrow at the latest. The clean samples I heard here conformed to what I\'d been hearing in the various reviews. Essentially AO\'s Brass does sound a bit thin by its self, but when mixed, unlike the reviews, I didn\'t particularly think it sounded much better. Then again, the composer/arranger/engineer of the brief piece may have simply not spent much time on it. I don\'t know.

    GigaBrass has had the most impressive sounding demo\'s so far. They are much more prominent than AO\'s, but I\'ve seen far less review of the product, or talk for that matter. Perhaps my head\'s been stuck under a rock and I didn\'t know, but I really haven\'t seen much publicity about it at all. Based on the raw sound that I\'ve heard just recently, I\'m leaning towards GigaBrass at this point.

    I\'m shooting for the kind of brass sound that Mr. John Williams himsself would approve of, and if those of you with experience with either of these sample sets would be kind enough to give me your opinions, I would be most appreciative. While it IS all about the sound in the end, ease of use, functionality, and comfort also sway the decision, and I have not used either. I\'ll be using it with GigaStudio160 (which\'ll be purchased at the same time.) So, what would ya recomend and why?

    Cheers - Mike

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    What is GIGABRASS? Never heard of it.

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?


    Have a very close look at Quantum Leap Brass.
    It\'s by some dood called Nick Phoenix. You\'ll probably see the odd post from him hereabouts

    It\'s pretty much state of the art.

    As far as I know, Gigabrass was the pet project of IOcomposer - a frequent contributer to this forum.

    By the time he got to a near finished product, he decided not to release it for a variety of reasons.

    That may be why you\'ve heard his demo, but not read a review.

    If anything\'s changed, please let me know!

    In fact, IO recommended Nick\'s library as his pick of the bunch.

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    As and additional note, if you decide to go with AO Brass as a short term solution, consider buying the Akai version, vol. 4 for $225. You have to buy the whole Giga set ($$$).

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    Disapointed that Giga Brass wasn\'t for sale, but after doing my homework, here\'s what I think I\'m gonna do... I really like what I\'ve heard from QL. I\'m assuming it doesnt have french horn solos as they are considered in classic circles to be a woodwind inst, but either way, that unfortunately will be the deciding factor. I do like what I\'ve heard from Miroslav, and the price on the woodwinds and brass vol. is just within my budget. I am a bit concerned about looping issues though. If I want to sustain a trumpet crying out over a passage, not for an impossible length of time, but extended longer than the sample will allow, I wonder how often I will have to specify loop points. I\'d prefer to spend as little of my time playing with technicalities as possible. As much of a gear head as I am, I still enjoy playing with notes more than knobs. Anyway, thanx for the valuable info all. Now, if only I could find a local distributer. I hate ordering things online. Ah well...

    Cheers - Mike

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    As good as Mirislav brass sounds it is useless for fast dynamic music. Slow attacks, terrible stacatto. Trust me. If you write slow beautiful music it is good. However, there is no punch. Quantum Leap concentrates on what had not been done well and that is well articulated punchy brass. John Williams would not aprove of any of the existing libraries I fear. QL Brass 2, maybe?

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    Nick, if you produced a brass library that could handle William\'s brass writing, I think you would have a huge seller on your hands. I like QL Brass a lot, but I would be very interested in additional QL brass libraries, as there is still room for improvement.

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    You may still need both as Quantum Leap Brass does not have solo French Horns. Nick, any idea when Quantum Leap Brass 2 will be out?

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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    MichaelAngelo450, you can forget about all of the mentioned brass libraries for the sound you are looking for (hollywood brass in williams style). Gigabrass is IOcomposers personal brass library and is (and probably never will be available to the public), which I fully respect. It\'s a shame though, coz I think his library by far surpasses any other brass libraries out there. He could have made some serious bucks if he decided to release it. I suggest you check out the miroslav vitous brass disc or wait. The brass in advanced orchestra sucks bigtime!! You\'ll be very disappointed. The QLB library is okey but very static sounding and not at all something Williams would approve :=) It sounds more like a bigband brass section than an orchestral brass ensemble. Hopefully his next release (QLB II) will lend more towards the sound of orchestral brass. I disagree with chadwick. QLB is not a state of art as far as brass sampling goes, but it isn\'t too expensive and it doesn\'t lack too much, except a solo french horn. The advanced orchestra brass cd is very complete with more articulations. It sounds terrible though, because everything is very close miced. Then there\'s Miroslav Vitous brass. This is clearly my favorite. It blows the other two libraries away by far and it sounds much thicker and more expressive. Unfortunately it is outrageously high priced. So if I were you, I\'d either wait for a new brass library (perhaps QLB II) (and I know there are some new ones coming up in short) or buy either AO or QLB. You\'d have to listen to demos to find out which one suits you best. Good Luck!!


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    Re: The Kind of Brass Mr. Williams Likes - GigaBrass or AdvOrch?

    Go Nick! QLB II !

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