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Topic: Trachtman C8 vs. Gigapiano

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    Trachtman C8 vs. Gigapiano

    When I listen to the demos on Trachman\'s site, it sounds like a hands down winner.

    When I compare the two @ purgatorycreek.com, it\'s harder to tell the difference between the two. The GigaPiano seems a little darker, but the attacks sound a little \"electronic\" to me (at least compared to the Trachtman.

    Purgatorycreek.com also mentions phase problems with Gigapiano.

    Anybody out there with real-world experience on this stuff?


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    Re: Trachtman C8 vs. Gigapiano

    Different sources, of course. Yamaha vs Steinway. The Trachtman Steinway is a better sampling job, in my humble opinion.

    J. Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Trachtman C8 vs. Gigapiano

    The demos on my site are all captured directly out of the gigasampler/gigastudio with absolutely no additional processing.
    I believe this is the best way to make the comparisons.

    The demos on the purgatory creek site have all been run through a reverb and possibly some additional processing which, in my view, makes it more difficult to distinguish and evaluate the true character of the samples.


    Warren Trachtman

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    Re: Trachtman C8 vs. Gigapiano

    I have all the available gigasampler pianos and in my opinion, the Trachtman one is the best for my style at least, which tends to quite slow and often dark where pleasing sustains and slow attacks are more preferential to the large country-style GigaPiano.

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