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Topic: Creating Drumkits????

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    Creating Drumkits????

    If I want to make a custom drumkit with drumsII, for instance, what is the general procedure? Say for instance I want to use a particular snare sound which is velocity mapped. If I make a custom kit do I need to redo the velocity mapping or will the mapping for each snare piece automatically carry over when I make a custom kit?


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    Re: Creating Drumkits????

    Well, I don\'t want to export the wav samples, though if I wanted to I could do that just by launching the wav files in my audio editor. What I want to do is create a kit within gigastudio. For instance I would use the snare sound correponding to note #21 in the snares gig file (for drums II in my case) and have it be mapped to note #38 in my custom kit (that is the GM MIDI mapped accoustic snare), and its velocity mapping would remain intact. I would then do the same for ride, crash, toms, kick and high hat.


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    Re: Creating Drumkits????

    I think that since the .wav\'s have been \"encoded\" that you can not export them. Although I do think I remeber someone awhile ago finding a way to make a custom kit........anyone?


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    Re: Creating Drumkits????

    Gigastudio allows you to copy and paste regions from one instrument to another. Just

    1. Get the Drums II kit and your custom one up (even in different GSedit windows).

    2. Find the Drums II region you want to use, highlght it, right click on it and choose copy region (ctrl c).

    3. Now select your custom kit and decide where you want it.

    4. There are two ways of pasting the region into your new kit.

    a) Choosing plain old vanilla \'paste\' will stick your new region to the far right of the
    regions already in the patch. Not so useful.

    b) Point to the space below the key where you want the snare to be(you may need to expand the keyboard view to be sure you get the correct spot). Now right click while your pointing to it and choose the alternate \'Paste Region(s)Here\' option. This sticks the
    complete snare with all region parameters exactly where you want it.

    5. Save your new kit (duh)

    Now could someone explain how to use multiple instruments and articulations to me please?

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