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Topic: Trombone vs. Bass Trombone

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    Trombone vs. Bass Trombone

    Hey I'm new here. My name is Skillet1111. I chose this probably because I couldn't think of anything better and had to resort to my favourite band. I do have experience on other forums as I moderate every other single forum I'm on. Well, I'll be honest, I'm not going to be posting here at all except for this thread. This seemed to be the best forum from the others I found for my topic.

    I play Trombone in my music class, and I want to switch to a Bass Trombone. Are the notes the same with minor exceptions or are they completely different? Is it harder to play the Bass or is it similar? I just need some recommendations please.


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    Re: Trombone vs. Bass Trombone

    A bass trombone is much harder to play than a tenor. They usually have 2 trigger attachments which means you'll have to learn how to play lower notes. It's not unusual to be playing all over the place range wise.

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    Re: Trombone vs. Bass Trombone

    I found bass trombone easier to play - although there are more notes playable due to the second trigger. Be sure to get a good bass trombone mouthpiece - I found the tenor mouthpieces too restrictive of air flow. I haven't searched for a mouthpiece in years, but the Bach 1 1/2G used to be commonly available and pretty good. I use a Schlke which seems to suit me.

    The notes are all the same, except that the second trigger gives you access to notes that are not available on the tenor. Also, with the second trigger, you can figure out different positions for notes sometimes if you have a difficult passage - much like using alternate positions on all trombones.

    If the school has a horn you can try out, give it a go. You, as I do, might like it.

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    Re: Trombone vs. Bass Trombone

    Thanks for your input guys. I am going to be switching tomorrow, and if I have any more questions, I'll know where to come.

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