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Topic: Borodin-Quartet, Nocturne

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    Borodin-Quartet, Nocturne

    Here is something i did with GPO4. This is the nocturne from Borodin's quartet no. 2, with the Gagliano on first violin, Stradivari on second violin, and the lovely Montagnana on cello. This is rendered from a midi file, hence the sound quality, and i also accendently used viola section instead of solo.


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    wonderful work! Very well selected tempi, which give an excellent flow of the music.

    Some of the controller changes (#1 of #11), especially in the beginning, appear a bit sudden - might be a conflicting set of controller sweeps, which might cause sudden jumps in the controller values?

    Overall, this rendition gives a nice impression of the melody lines in the instruments. The solo instruments are handled very well.

    A pleasure to listen to!


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