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Topic: Dan Dean Woodwinds demo

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    Dan Dean Woodwinds demo

    Hello I just wanted to let everyone know that I am finished programing the Dan Dean Woodwinds and they are about to go off to beta. This is without a doubt the most complete set of woodwinds anywhere. Some of the instruments are six velocities deep! Here is the patch list:

    Most instruments include Vibrato and Non Vibrato Options of every patch.

    Mod Attack Legato
    Mod Attack Legato light
    Mod Attack Marcato
    Mod X-fade
    Mod X-fade light
    Staccato light
    Portamento light
    Breath controller X-fade
    Breath controller X-fade light

    With the mod attack legato patches you have 4 variations of attacks from normal to extra smooth. This will be great for romantic passages.

    The mod attack marcato is probably one of my favorates because it supplies something that no other library has. Here with the mod wheel you can change the \"bite\" of the attack from a normal attack to quite a bit of bite.

    This example illustrates the mod attack marcato patches set 3/4 up (so there are even harder attacks beyond this one). You can hear how much of a difference this makes.


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    Re: Dan Dean Woodwinds demo

    Very nice!

    Finally what sounds like a great woodwinds library. A long overdue addition to the sample world, imho. I can\'t wait to see how these perform with a wind controller as well.



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