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Topic: Reverb question

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    Reverb question

    I recently did a small string quartet piece and realized how much the NFX reverb on Gigastudio made my song not sound like an actual room but to \'fake\' sounding.
    I\'ve been considering getting another reverb, but I see that Gigastudio doesn\'t support other plug-ins.
    Does this mean that Gigastudio is only limited to its NFX effects?
    I guess I could mix everything down to Cool Edit Pro which does support direct-x plug-ins and wash the entire song with one reverb to get everything to sound like it was recorded in the same room or hall.
    Anyone have any suggestions on a crispier sounding reverb that can work with Cool Edit Pro that is better then Giga but not extremely expensive?
    How do these plug-ins work? I\'ve never purchased any before. Do they come on a CD Rom that you just install? I have no clue.

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    Re: Reverb question

    Hi Damon. Are you looking for cheap solutions? Cheap solutions is my special field :=)
    Direct-x plug-ins is a relatively cheap way to get better reverb than the NFX. The problem is that since gigastudio doesn\'t support direct-x plugins, you\'d have to apply the reverb to the captured wave when you\'re done with your piece. There\'s a great direct-x plugin called TC-Reverb (from tc-electronics). I would however recommend a good reverb box such as any lexicon or (again ) tc-electronics. If you can\'t afford it, get a soundblaster live! card, download the EMU aps live! drivers and use the onboard emu chip for reverb (that is a lot better than the NFX reverb imho) The APS live drivers also boasts an array of various effects like compression, param eq, shelf eq, distortion, pitch shifting, chorus, flanger, echo-delay, auto-wah and more (you can download new effects). Everything is realtime and won\'t hog your cpu at all.


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    Re: Reverb question

    The SBLive verb is what I ended up using on my string orch. piece. I couldn\'t get the verbs that come with CEPro or Cakewalk to sound as good. However, I have the demo of Cakewalk\'s \"SoundStage\" FX (or whatever they call it), and it sounds very nice - that might be a good inexpensive solution.

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    Re: Reverb question

    Reverb is a real difficult area, and I\'ve been wrestling with it for a couple of years now. Bruce Richardson recommended the RCL verb about a month or two ago. It\'s expensive, but for what my experience is worth, it seems to me better than Timeworks and TC verb. Timeworks leaves a very slight but audible artifact in the high end, a kind of shimmering or tingling noise. It\'s barely audible, but still not nice. Having said that, it is otherwise a terrific reverb. SBLive\'s verb is also super, even better then Timeworks in my view. But I\'ve found that once it is dialed in, so to speak, there\'s quite of bit of background hiss which is audible in the very quiet sections of my own material. Richardson is probably right, then, about RCL verb, which is a CPU pig, but delivers very clean results.

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