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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

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    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    I\'ve been working with Dan\'s woodwinds and I can\'t begin to describe how good they sound. I\'ve \'mocked\' up sections from \'The Firebird\', Dvorak\'s 9th with the english horn, as well as others that I will upload as soon as I caputre them.

    Without a doubt, I see these being the standard for years to come.

    From what I am hearing, pending any delays, this library will be available within a month or so.

    Mike Warning
    Composer, Sound Designer
    Early Warning New Media

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    good to hear,....and bad to hear...since we all want them :P

    I\'m sure I speak for many of use,....let us know when demos are available

    Really...I am an Idiot

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