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Topic: Symphony of Voices

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    Symphony of Voices

    Hi, does anyone own this. I just got it and the variety of samples is awesome. Does anyone know if there is a planned GS release of this library. I think key switching would make this library great. Is programming switches that hard. I don\'t do alot of programming. What if I wanted to do key switching in say the London Chorale where I could press a key to change between Ahhs, Ohhs and so forth, would this be difficult. Thanks.

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    Re: Symphony of Voices

    I don\'t know how to set the key switches for .gigs, but I\'ve found it relatively straight forward to set up layers which are switched by velocity or mod wheel.

    You have to save the individual instruments, then load one up in the editor. Then you merge one of the other files into the first one, so that you have two instruments in the bank. You can then choose to combine both of these in a variety of ways - switched or crossfaded etc., If you choose, say, mod wheel switched layers you can set which one is in the upper and which one is in the lower region, and where they switch on the wheel. Then you can merge another instrument and combine it with the existing combined instrument - so that you have three layers to switch between, and so on.

    Sorry I\'m so vague, but I\'m not in front of the machine I use. You CAN do it though, and it isn\'t that hard. I just don\'t know how to do it via key switching, which is very cool.

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    Re: Symphony of Voices

    It is an awesome CD set isn\'t it? The people at Ilio told me that Spectrasonics were mot going to come out with a Giga version because the akai converted so well.
    Have you heard the traditional sopranos and lamenting sopranos yet? very nice....
    I use the \'Boys Oohs p\' all the time and the \'solo soprano eh-oh\' is beautiful too.
    Hell, the whole CDs are awesome! I never use the \'Pop Stacks\' though. To synthy sounding for me.
    Not to be to nitpicky, but I do wish the individual soprano and tenor phrase samples could have been sampled in each key (actual singer singing the phrase in each key of his/her register) so you could use them in whatever key your song is. I noticed they do the chipmunk effect if you go any higher then what the original key it was sampled in and to low sounding if you go to low.
    Still, the Rolls-Royce of choir sounds.

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