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Topic: Drum samples - brushes?

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    Drum samples - brushes?

    Are there any drum kit sample CDs that contain convincing brush samples, mostly for jazz work?

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?

    I can\'t say these are the best out there but I\'m using the brush drum kits from Sonic Implants. There really are not bad.
    Maybe site location is Sonicimplants.com, can\'t remember.
    CD-ROM was under a 100 bucks.

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?

    You can download just the brush kit for $19.95 from the Sonic Implants website. The website is: http://www.sonicimplants.com/sonicgiga/gigasamplerdrum.htm

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?


    If you go to our site you can see a list of instruments for our upcoming drum set library. Just click on the \"help/input\" section on our page.

    Donnie http://www.dssoundware.com

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?


    Thanks for the info and the link. Do you think the drum set samples will be available by February 1st? I have a couple of gigs with deadlines on or around March 1st, and would like to get the samples \'under my fingers\' before I use them.

    Thanks again...

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?


    I would love to tell you \"yes\" that they will be ready but realistically they probably won\'t. If something changes I will definitely let you know though. You can also check our site because I will be updating it as things progress. Because of the scope of the library (I\'m assuming you looked at the list) it\'s going to take a little longer to do this one.


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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?

    Donnie, am I just missing something or does your Drum Set Library currently consist entirely of cymbals? Do you intend to offer kick, snare, toms etc. later on?

    Either way, look forward to seeing/hearing the results.

    Best Wishes,

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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?


    Yes, sorry for the confusion. Sean and I are still trying to narrow it down to which sets we want to sample. Definites are the Yamaha Maple custom and the Pearl Masters custom but we haven\'t decided on the third set. Anything in particular that you would like to see?


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    Re: Drum samples - brushes?

    How about a toy drumset?

    - Chris

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