Hi fellow friends

I have been amazed at the sound quality of various sample cds, but I have found the most common annoying accurance with loop samples or any sample start and sudden stop time.

I have found that when you start a loop and it ends, it cuts off too soon and does not flow towards the next loop.(You can hear when looping starts again.) I bought Scoring Tools from East West and the sounds are incredible, but I find I cannot use it properly because of the loop timing.

Can anyone suggest how to link loops together so that a piece sounds more natural and flowing than two loops just stuck together??(secrets??? I Use Cakewalk)

I use loop 1(Strings Intro)It starts great but ends too soon without continuing on the strings.
I then wish to use loop 2 to fit with loop one but it start right after loop 1 stops.When you activate this next loop you can definately hear its 2 pieces stuck together and does not sound flowing with loop 1.

How do you link them successfully???

Is there a way that I can blend two loops together.

Is there anyone ou there that can recommend a trick or two or any user sites explaining how to mix/blend loops together?

I set the challenge to all and wish to the the one who thinks his looping techniques are working for them to post the loops as a mp3 for us to hear who it blends together.

Thanks guys, now that ive set the challenge.