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Topic: Where I can find a good trumpet sample?

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    Where I can find a good trumpet sample?

    Hi Everyone!
    Please, I need desperately a pair of good FF or FFF trumpet solo. I have the QL Brass, Roland archives, Brass super section, Killer brass, etc. They´re far away from my needs: Tower of power, EWF, Piercing Latin music (salsa and merengue). Can anybody suggest me anything else?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Where I can find a good trumpet sample?

    It seems to me like a great trumpet sample is very hard to find. There are so many ways a trumpet can be played that must be difficult to sample. For instance, when a trumpet player plays soft his tone is nice and smooth, but if he suddenly blows hard then it totally changes its tonality.
    I too have yet to find a convincing trumpet sample. Anyone else?

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