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Topic: Convincing Sampled Instruments

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    Convincing Sampled Instruments

    I would like to hear thoughts and opinions concerning sample instrument libraries......primarily acoustic instruments......woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, drum sets, pianos, guitars, etc. I would like to know in particular which sample instruments of which instrument libraries seem to be most convincing, even to the ears of the most discriminating musicians, where they would have a difficult time discerning whether or not it is a real musician on a particular track or a sampled instrument. I do realize the most difficult sampled instruments to be convincing with on a solo track would be a solo violin or solo sax, though as a section, they are more convincing. I would like to know what sampled instruments many of you users would feel most comfortable using in order to be convincing as a solo instrument on a solo track, and also what section instruments on section instrument tracks. In other words, if you were going to produce a high quality CD, which instruments would you hire live musicians for and which instruments would you feel totally satisfied using instrument samples. I do realize that sequencing skills and use of controllers play a very significant part in this. Let\'s assume that in producing a high quality CD, expert sequencing and controller skills are utilized. Taking all of this into consideration, we can focus on which sampled solo and section instruments are truly convincing, even to the most critical ears.

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    Try listen to the bass demo at http://www.scarbee.com

    I believe it sounds very natural!


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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    For trombone section and solo I use Quantum Leap brass.
    For Trumpet section I use Vitous Symphonic Orchestra, I think Vitous\' samples is better than Nick\'s for trumpet section but for solo trumpet I like Nick\'s samples better.

    For String sections and solo I find Kirk Hunter\'s Virtuoso Series String Orchestra the most realistic.

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    Try the Xsample Library!




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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    If you are looking for realism, you might be interested in my new Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds Collection....or my Solo Strings or GigaBass Collection. I am a bassist and have to really listen carefully to tell if it was me playing or one of my basses sitting in a track.
    Also, the new Woodwinds are incredible. Some instruments have nearly 1,000 samples comprising multiple layers. If its natural detail you\'re looking for, these are for you.

    Dan Dean

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    Not to toot our own horn (or beat our own drum, so to speak) but, upon reading this string, Donnie decided to whip up a quick demo demonstrating the realistic capabilities of our Ultimate Orchestral Percussion library. This also features our soon to be released, Ultimate Timpani upgrade.

    Here\'s a well known, brief excerpt by Hindemith, known for his soloistic use of percussion. The first example is the Cleveland Orchestra percussion section. The second is performed with our sounds. A fairly dry mix, more could be done to match the sound of the original hall but you get the idea.

    Oh, and you might notice, ours is performed with the snare of the snare drum on.

    Sean Lane
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    We just got our \"non flash\" site up. I know some of you on here couldn\'t access the site because you were on computers that did not have the right plugin. So enjoy and let us know what you think..

    Donnie http://www.dssoundware.com

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    Just tried the non-flash site...it works GREAT!! Thanks for taking the time to address this issue.

    Best Regards!

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    Re: Convincing Sampled Instruments

    hey no problem...I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Please feel free to give any suggestions in the user area.


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