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Topic: Scarbee J-Slap demo 1...

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    Scarbee J-Slap demo 1...

    Hi there,

    The first demo from the soon released \"SCARBEE J-Slap\" is uploaded at:

    The CD will be ready for NAMM and can be found at the Nemesys boot.


    Thomas Hansen Skarbye

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap demo 1...

    Hi all,

    here is some information about our new product:

    The Scarbee J-Slap prize: $189
    The Scarbee J-Slap has the classic funky 77\' Jazz Bass sound. The handmade Celinder J Update 4 has been recorded without the use of compression, tubes or advanced EQ to ensure you maximum flexibility in the sound production.

    900 samples are dedicated to each of the 3 pick-up settings: bridge, both and neck, giving you the total of 2700 samples - about 800 MB on this CD.

    The Scarbee Bass Libraries introduce the concept One At A Time:
    We offer you one single instrument, extensively sampled and carefully programmed. We even make seperate CD\'s for different playing styles - Slap, Fingered and Picked, so no one pays for anything unwanted.
    Virtually any bass technique can be simulated using the innovative Scarbee trigger-tails: hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace-notes, staccato-releases and slides, can be \"glued\" to the back of any thumped or plucked note - meaning no tempo restriction at all!
    The Scarbee J-Slap can be used perfectly together with the soon released J-Fingered.

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap demo 1...

    Hi Scarbee.

    I tried to contact you at info@scarbee.com, but the mail bounced.
    Can you contact me at per@biggagiggas.com?


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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap demo 1...

    Hi Worra,

    Strange about the mail... but you can reach me on this adress:




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