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Topic: Hi! Back from the old

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    Hi! Back from the old

    Since there's another thread by that name, I named my thread "II"...

    Hi all.

    I hope that you've been ok. I've been kept extremely busy and will explain why, but I seriously hope that you all are ok. I have been in touch with Michel Edward(s?) (QcCowboy) and a few other members here, but not much else... I also lost touch in most forums I'm a member in, with the exception of 1 or 2 (one being a greek one...).

    The reason I've been away is that I've been swamped with work: Me and others launched a music publishing house, for which I'm exctremely proud! We published a total of 29 works, ranging from solo piano works, to orchestral works, and there are more works lined up to be printed and sold.

    Our composer rosters have 6 composers, currently but we're open to expanding to great and interesting composers and publish new exciting works in the general realm of 'contemporary classical music'.

    Our website at www.musica-ferrum.com contains all the necessary information for the composers we represent, the works we publish and sell, prices, excerpts of recordings, preview of the scores, etc.


    Please consider this as a call for works, for future publishing... It's not possible to publish anything and there is a strict quality control (however this may be transfered to the realm of music... an abstract art), but suffice to say we're always looking for great works to publish.


    On a more personal note... a few more words...

    The economic crisis has hit pretty much everyone I know. Not only because of pay cuts, etc, but freelancers (eg. me) are getting hit, because people can no longer carry on paying like they used to (for tuition fees for example). The taxes have gone up, VAT has gone up and in general this is starting to be unbearable!

    Sadly there doesn't seem to be a way out and the general population of Greece is extremely dissatisfied with the handling of the current and previous government. So much that quite a few people are starting to look back and wonder if it was better before the EU and the euro (something that I totally dissagree).

    I've no idea how this crisis will carry on, but one of the main problems is that we keep getting worst every month. We have yet to hit the bottom...


    Nice to be here again,

    Take care and all the best.


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    Re: Hi! Back from the old

    Nikolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Simply superb to see you here again. I see you've left some music for us in The Listening Room - I'll go listen!


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    Re: Hi! Back from the old

    Thank you Randy,

    As always I keep myself SO busy... but it's nice to be back!

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