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Topic: Peter Siedlaczek's Smart Strings

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    Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    I just listened to a demo of Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings and I was reasonably impressed. Is this library out yet? If so, has anyone used it? I\'d like to get a review. Thanks!

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    What\'s the web address of this demo, I\'d like to hear how it sounds? I\'ve never heard of it.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    I don\'t have a web address--I received a demo CD along with Advanced Orchestra. If I find a web address I\'ll pass it along.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    The demo is available at the Best Service web-site: http://www.bestservice.de/

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    Best Service says \'Smart Violins\' (as it is now called) will be available within 10 days from now. In the USA, distributor is soundsonline.com (East-West).

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    I noticed the demo was quite bizarre. Too much snazzy disco string stuff with alot of reverb.
    The CD also says it is comprised of mostly licks, runs, and patterns, no mention of individual multisamples.
    It does say at the bottom of the webpage for \"Smart Violins\" that it is categorized for \'techno, eurodance, triphop, garage, and easy litening.\" I think it\'s mostly made for people who can\'t get the realism they want out of doing trills and arpeggios.
    Soon, one won\'t have to have any musical knowledge at all, just be able to cut and paste sounds together.
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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek\'s Smart Strings

    Smart Violins sounds like a very cool library indeed. I remember I listened to that demo several months ago, and I was excited about the concept.

    I agree with you Damon! When it comes down to a point where all you do as a composer is merging suitable sampled phrases together to form a piece of orchestral music, it\'s no fun anymore. But seriously Damon, how much musical knowledge does it take to come up with a run (that consists of notes running up or downwards a scale)? I think siedlaczek is covering the articulations that are hard to recreate by just using multisampled strings.
    There is, to my knowledge in fact several multisamples in that library. Sustained and staccato and maybe more, the guy doesn\'t say that clear enough. I think it is a promising product, and I will buy it.


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