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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

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    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    We are in the final production phase of the new DD Solo Woodwind Collection. It has been designed specifically for Giga and features Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. Some instruments are 6 layers deep. Donnie Christian and Mike Warning are programming the features. There will be more info later. The collection might be 10 disks with 1 instrument per disk. So far, the test banks sound incredible.


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    Fantastic news! Can\'t wait!


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    cool cool. I\'ve been waiting for a giga flute

    I\'m REALLY waiting for three seperate solo instrument libraries to create enselmbles out of....ahem...hint hint..

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    That IS good news.

    Hope you\'ll make them available individually.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    Absolutely, make them available individually, and offer a reasonable discount for the whole package. IMHO, you\'ll sell much more product using that approach.


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    As Dan mentioned I am doing the progaramming on this library and I must say that it sounds excellent. This will trully be a huge leap twoards realistic woodwind samples. Also as Dan mentioned the sizes of the instruments are quite large so I am making \"light\" versions of every articulation for sketching. This is really going to be great!!


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds


    The timpani library should be out the first of the year. We were shooting for before Christmas but there were several ideas with the programming that we wanted to include that are really neat!

    As far as the oboe\'s and english horn (and the rest of the instruments) you will NOT be dissapointed...I can promise you that!


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    I like the idea of the \'light\' versions so I can pick and choose articulations - saves alot of memory. I like to use mixtures of instruments from different libraries for each section. This has a more realistic effect as each member in the orchestra has a different sound. I like the idea of buying an instrument at a time as I have limited funds.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    Wonderful! Any idea when this will be out, what price etc? I hope it has some lovely oboe patches, and english horn which is very neglected in AO and other libraries.
    Also Donnie now you\'re here, when will that Timpani library hit the streets? And btw.. why not call it, \'Ultimate Timpani\'? Not original, but you could call all of your releases \'ultimate\' to form a series and connectivity... Anyway, looking forward to timps+winds. AND Donnie, you were going to do a brass+wood ensemble library at some time right? Any news on that?


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds


    Yes, I could not agree more. I have programmed a patch for breathe control but found (for my own taste) that filters do not work to well for woodwinds and double reeds so I just programmed them to respond to volume. Any thoughts on this from anyone?


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