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Topic: Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir problem

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    Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir problem

    Does anyone here use it? I\'m having a wierd problem - when I hold a not or chord, I get a POP that kind of loops out of one side. If I mute it, it goes away. Can the stereo sample be somehow out of phase or something? I can\'t replicate the problem with another sample so I\'m pretty sure it\'s not a setting or something. Any help?


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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir problem

    Known problem with the Akai version in s-convert. Make sure you uncheck the \"merge L/R\" line in the menu of S-convert before you convert to .GIG. The reason you\'re getting pops is because the Classical Choir library has different loops for left and right wave channels. So do what I suggested and it should work.


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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir problem

    I found a similar problem with one of my own loops. In Sound Forge the loop sounded fine, but played within GigaStudio the loop popped. However, it only did this when played above or below its original pitch. I ended up moving the loop slightly and that solved the problem. I had a similar problem with a few loops within one of the boys choirs in \"Symphony of Voices\". Moving the loops there cured the problem, which may or may not have been caused by S-Converter, I don\'t know. Hope that helps.

    Alistair Lock.

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