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Topic: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

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    GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    As many of you are aware, I am producing a new string library made for Gigasampler from the ground up. This library will be second to none and will offer far more samples, bowings, articulations, dynamics and unique features than ever before. The strings sampled are among the best in the world and include Stradivari violins, Guarneri, Vuillume, Gaglianos, Montagnanas and many other exceptional instruments. The players are world-class musicians whose mastery is captured in this library. This collection was recorded in 24bit/88.2khz using some of the finest audio equipment and recorded at Lincoln Center in New York.

    I am considering some issues and would like your input.

    First –
    Would the members of the group like to have reverbs separately or mixed in with the samples. I have some amazing acoustic impulses that I recorded and could be included separately in the library. These reverbs would place the strings in a prestigious concert hall and one could use a controller to mix between the dry and wet (reverb) signals. There seems to be a divergence of opinion about dry vs. wet libraries. The remarks one hears about other libraries is one being too dry while another is too wet with resulting lack of spacious control.

    The problem with adding the reverbs separately is that you would at least double the size of the library. It would also delay the project. There has been considerable discussion over sample bloat. The GigaString Ensemble library alone is expected to be 12 to 15 CDs. Adding reverbs would double this. Would anyone even consider buying a 30 CD string library?. Do you think the reverbs should be offered separately as an option?

    If I offer the library without the separate reverbs (but mixed in the signal), would the members prefer more of a dry or wet sound?

    I would also like your input on anything you would like to see in the programming and instrument creation. Would you like to have keyswitching, and if so, any ideas? Any performance features you would like to see? If you would like to see the instruments, articulations and dynmaics, I could post them if you do not mind an extensive list in this discussion.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Hello Gary,

    I am very excited about your GigaStrings, it sounds like it could be the ultimate string library! As far as the wet/dry opinions, I would like to vote for you to include both (maybe with the wet as an addon). But if you have to mix them, the dryer I guess.

    Here are some other suggestions:

    1) Include both stereo and mono samples. Mono is key in giving the composer full control of the placement of the sound in the stereo image. One could always re-program the stereo to be mono, but having it ready to go out of the box would be a real time saver.

    2)Have 2 samples for each fast attack note and map the instrument twice on the keyboard octaves apart so one could repeat the same note with some variety of sound. Rapidly repeating the same sample really destroys realism. Since you already recorded the samples, I guess there is no choice in this now. But didn\'t you possibly have more than one try for each note anyway?

    3) Include both looped and unlooped versions of the sustained samples.

    4) As far as keyswitching, I find it more helpful to have similar articulations of the instrument for the keyswitchs than vastly different ones. That way you can subtly change the sound/mood of the instrument.

    5) Make it as many cdroms (or dvds) as you need to create the best string library ever! Maybe have different levels of GigaStrings at different price points, with each having more articulations and samples per instrument than the one before as an upgrade.

    Any ballpark idea on what the price will be or when it might become available?

    Well, I hope my input is helpful. I for one will be eagerly awaiting the release of your library!

    John Buckner

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    well,...since you\'ve got acoustic impulses, maybe you should share the impulses in the library. And share good settings. You could set them in both Acoustic Modeler Impulses and Cool Edit Pro covolution format.

    or...two different versions of the library. discounts for the user\'s who have one version.

    I like crossfades between playing dynamic levels,....but if you have 4 velocity/playing dynamics, as well as stereo samples...it could get quite a bit into the polyphony hog realm. Tho I like any thing that will make the library sound the best. If its a hog...its a hog...and wlill require Wav Captures to mix. Also if you do create polyphony hogs...\"moni\" versions of the instrument should be around for basic \"try outs\" so that a user can get the basic idea of the sound it will be.

    I\'ld love for multiple bowing on ALL the different versions of the sections, including the different sized sections. It would bawesome to layer different bowings from a 4 violin section with a 12, allowing for some really \"realistic\" faster sections.

    Are there any \"FX\" or expressive passages? Multiple col legno attacks? Howabout demo Midi\'s and performance files with the library to show some techniques that work with the patches.

    Howabout Midi patches played with other controllers for us to use, for a more natural vibrato/tremelo. Being able to copy controller effects would be awesome...and if customized to the library, it may help all kinds of sequencer illiterate folks around.

    Midi file trills that work well with the \"hammeron/pulloff\" samples that I read you were creating.....

    Howabout \"mixed patches\" where we can have \"big marcatto\" as a patch, jsut for a basic idea, and low poly count....or even to thicken up a big sound. would work with mixed string patches too, for a \"pad\" sound

    Don\'t jsut focus on this being a realistic library...even tho most of the above is what I suggested.

    HAving mixed patches, and effected patches...or stuff that might help the newer electronic orchestral stuff in big hollywood action movies, might be something new, and something extra for this library.

    oh....well I guess you could try and have a life too.... ... maybe

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Hi Gary,

    well, i already spent my money on my reverb unit so dry is my preference. I can verb it up in the mix.
    Xsample offers mono as well as stereo.
    Maybe you could include this convenient feature as well.

    I also hope that you give us the chance to purchase the single cd\'s we need and not fork out $10,000 on the whole library. I really hate that!

    Anyhow, looking forward to buying some of your solo string samples if you have them available separately.

    Thanks for the hard work.

    Looking forward to hearing some demos.

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Gary, why don\'t you offer both libraries, with the hall as an upgrade. This way you can release the first library of dry sounds when you originally intended to. Will you post any MP3s of your work soon? - we\'re all so eager to hear this. Have you settled on a price yet?

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    I HATE RECORDED AMBIENCE ON SAMPLES!! Notes that aren\'t held out for the full length of the sample get their ambiences chopped and it sounds totally artificial. Drums with sampled ambience sound fine but melodic samples with ambience...I hate em!

    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Gary, glad to hear it\'s coming along! I personally hate sample bloat. Although it would be nice to have the actual acoustics of a large concert hall such as Lincoln Center, I can always add verb to the dry samples. Besides, I\'d love to hear the real authenticity of the sound anyway.
    Do you think it might be released before Christmas and how much if so?

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Exciting stuff!

    Can you give us a description of the dynamic/ fx contents of the library? EG phrases, runs, articulations etc. I find emulating runs and faster fx with string patches difficult to sound convincing and I think the more sampled performances we can get of this the better.

    Mod wheel for crossfade between soft and loud sustains for real expression would be nice. I know we can set this up ourselves but I can never seem to be bothered doing it: it\'d be nice if that was ready to go.

    Anyway, if possible, can we get a list of those contents that have been sampled?

    Also, just my preference, I never use mono string samples: personally I just don\'t see a need for me to have them available and I would only accept having them on the library if they do NOT take the place of any other stereo content. I\'d be dissapointed if half the CDs were mono at the expense of extra stereo material.

    Upgrades/Incremental pricing for a very large library is the way to go. That way all the material is available for those of us who want it all and will fork out the cash for it, and for those of us on tighter budgets we can buy what we need as we go.

    Thanks, and the best of luck with the library.

    Robert Kral

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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    Did you say some 15 cd\'s? Well I don\'t mind if it was 30 cd\'s, as long as you don\'t double the price just because it takes up twice the space...

    Then about the reverb thing. Either they should be dry, or you should have both. Having only samples with reverb would make me think more than twice about buying the library actually.

    About articulation. I think you should include several velocity-layers of staccato, marcato and tremolo-samples too - not just for legatostrings. Something I really miss are those very delicate tremolostrings. Also I would like some special playing techniques, and if you\'ve done any effects like slow up/down slides in pp, mf and ff.

    And ehm.. I don\'t know if this is a special technique or what, but to me the openeing track on John Williams\' score for the Spielberg movie \'Hook\' stands for me as some very nice sort of staccato stringwork. Tell me if you don\'t have it, I\'ll send it to you and maybe you can tell me if the violins are played on a special string that\'s not normal for the register used or something. Maybe it\'s just the composition that makes it sound so great. I don\'t know

    Other than that.... well, every articulation and velocity layer you could ask for. And I\'d prefer looped samples to bring down the sample size. Afterall I\'m already out to go form 320mb to 512mb on my Gigastudio PC, to be able to fully use Ultimate Orchstral Samples and the Steinway b etc. And I\'m only using AKAI converted strings+woods now. So I can imagine I\'d be looking at 2GB or so to be able to cope with a set of unlooped string library with several velocity layers and one sample pr. note.


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    Re: GigaStrings-Tell me what you want

    When you say \'reverb\', do you mean an artificial reverb? or the natural reverb of the hall. I sure like to have a string ensemble sample with natural ambience of the hall. It would make some compositions sound more robust and natural. Of course, it is not going to be good for every situation. There are a lot of dry samples out there. Even the best reverb units still don\'t make them sound natural.

    Just my humble opinion.

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