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Topic: Sample cd with Irish/Celtic sounds?

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    Re: Sample cd with Irish/Celtic sounds?

    Check out \"Complete Celt\" from AMG (UK)available from www.soundsonline.com

    This is a 3 audio CD collection with some contruction kit type pieces and numerous loops of fiddle, bagpipes amd other celtic instruments. Nice vocals too. No mutisampled instruments, but lots of lovely loops, man.
    For celtic instruments I use the Roland Orchestral II expansion card for the JV/XP series. Very good as well.

    Good luck,


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    Re: Sample cd with Irish/Celtic sounds?

    Hi Leadbelly.

    Thanks for your reply, but I don\'t really need loops, I need real sampled instruments to create melodylines with.

    There aren\'t any akai format cd\'s out there I can use?

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    Sample cd with Irish/Celtic sounds?

    Hi again.

    I need a sample cd with some Irish/Celtic instruments. Especially Irish flutes, drums and percussion stuff etc.
    I\'ve searched for this, but can\'t find anything.

    Are there anything out there? If so, is it any good?


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    Re: Sample cd with Irish/Celtic sounds?

    I agree; I\'ve been after some decent celtic sounds for quite a while now and there simply seems to be none at all, which surprises me in the wake of James Horner\'s best-selling Titanic album, which I;m surprised didn\'t prompt a few sound designers to get celtic? I\'d love to have some Northumbrian pipes and flute sounds etc. (although keep Leonardo

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