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Topic: Peter Ewers or Post Organs?

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    Peter Ewers or Post Organs?

    I\'ll BUY it, of course, but which is the best?

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    Re: Peter Ewers or Post Organs?

    Get both. If you can\'t swing that, get the Post first. It will give you much more flexibility for creating registrations. The other library sounds awesome (better than Post) but is VERY limted to only a few combinations.

    BTW, I have the Akai version of Post. The GigaStudio version looks enticing but, I\'ve already got to many projects and goodies too distract me at the moment.

    However, I play a pipe organ in a church (one of my many hats) and plan to SOMEDAY add some of these samples to the organ. The pipe organ was retrofitted with MIDI a few years ago, and I have added some sounds to it, using a Sound Canvas SC-88. The natural reverb in the church is very good, and it works quite well.

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