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Topic: How do I adjust decay time?

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    How do I adjust decay time?

    In Gigasampler, how do I adjust the decay/sustain time via MIDI?

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    Re: How do I adjust decay time?

    This can be nontrivial since every note x every dimension can have its own envelope settings. What I\'ve done when I\'ve wanted this is to add another dimension for the controller of choice and muck with the envelopes for the cases in these dimensions. It won\'t give you super fine control over the envelope settings, but it you have enough \'bits\' free you can probably get 4 or 8 or 16 envelope settings.

    I hope this makes sense, you have to be good with the editor to do this, but if you understand the editor it\'s pretty easy.

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    Re: How do I adjust decay time?


    I created some dimensions with different envelope parameters, to be switched depending on the location MIDI controller 4.

    But I wish it didnt have to be done like this, I wished the ADSR parameters could be dynamically varied with 128-steps via MIDI controllers like normal.

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