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Topic: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD -huh?

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    Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD -huh?

    Where can I find this sample? Is it on the web or is it private? I\'d really like to try it.

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD -huh?


    You can find all information about Malmsjö Acoustic Grand at this web-site:

    Surf the pages by clicking the links on the right side. At this time orders can only be made directly from me.


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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD -huh?

    Is it possible to order it outside the United States (from Canada, for example)?

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD -huh?


    The piano can be ordered from outside the U.S. At this time, however, such orders have to be prepaid. E-mail me directly to arrange such an order.


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