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Topic: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?

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    Which Chamber Music Samples are good?

    Dear Composer,

    Would you make a recommendation concerning sampling CD-ROMs?

    I am looking to purchase a GigaSampler CD-ROM set for classical instruments. My budget is @$1000.

    These are the current contenders(GigaSampler or Akai w/ S-conversion):

    Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra
    Ultimate String Collection
    Synclavier Sample Library - Brass and Winds
    Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library
    Miroslav Vitous Compact Edition
    Kurt Hunter Virtuoso Strings

    Right now I am writing exclusively chamber music, NOT orchestral, so I need closely-miked, gutsy samples with character and some bite. Mainly strings, winds, and brass. They will need to compete in a solo capacity
    with rock instruments like drum kit, electric bass, and some hard-edged synth, so they can\'t be too soft, paddy, or \"ambient\". The Siedlaczek libraries are the most complete and well-recorded set within my price range, but they seem designed for orchestral music, not chamber, and all
    of the demos I\'ve heard support this.

    Have you heard or worked with any of them, or can you recommend any other good chamber music libraries?


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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?

    In my opinion the best solo instruments samples belong to M. Vitous (\"solo\" instruments 1 and 2 cd\'s) library.
    Anyway you can listen to chamber compositions recorded with Vitous sounds at: www.mp3.com/antoniogenovino

    especially the following pieces:

    Divertimento II, for wind sextet
    3 variations for 5, for piano quintet
    Finale, for violin and piano
    Elegia, for cello and piano.


    Antonio Genovino

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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?


    The AO library will give you the most of what you need (all instruments have solo versions and many articulations), but you may find the quality disappointing.

    Ultimate Strings and Kurt Hunter Virtuoso Strings, are mostly sections. Don’t know about Denny Jaeger. (or Synclavier Brass and Winds; the Synclavier strings are very sterile)

    The Miroslav Vitous Compact Edition has very limited articulations, and the two volumes of solo instruments (in Akai format) are good, but beyond you budget.

    The current Xsamples libraries are very good, but don’t include many of the basic articulations that you’ll need (like sustained strings). If you can wait a few weeks, these are in the works. You can also buy what you need (one disk at a time).

    You might want to pick up a copy of Paul Gilreath’s “Guide to MIDI Orchestration”, which has detailed reviews of the major libraries.

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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?

    Check out Dan Deans solo strings. The demo sounds great!

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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?


    Thanks. Currently M. Vitous is sounding like the best investment. (Solo I&II) Though the price is steep. ($1600) XSamples are great-sounding but where is the flute and clarinet??!!?


    Beautiful compositions. Excellent demos of M. Vitous. Do you ever use AO for solo instruments?


    Thanks for the pointer on Dan Dean. But I don\'t agree.


    P.S. Here is a link to great reviews by Dave Stewart: http://www.sospubs.co.uk/sos/jan00/html/sosorchestral1.htm

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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?

    Sustained solo strings and clarinets (Clarinet, Bassetthorn and Bassclarinet) are comming..

    Flute, Alto Flute and Piccolo are under development.

    All instruments are fully chromatic.



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    Re: Which Chamber Music Samples are good?


    Thanks for the Dave Stewart links - it\'s extremely entertaining.

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