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Topic: Nick Phoenix & Dan Dean (please respond)

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    Nick Phoenix & Dan Dean (please respond)


    I\'ve read a lot about your libraries which are said to be excellent.
    On my search for a proper midi-controller I want to ask you personally which you had in mind creating your libraries:
    Nick: Quantum Leap Brass. Was it build around a breath controller (like the Yamaha WX 5) or around keyboard/piano. Would you recommend one over the other??? (is a piano the better option or better use a keyboard). What about Quantum Leap Guitars: Was this based around Guitar-to-midi-converters (if yes: which one?). I wonder how good a guitar-player can be imitated by a keyboard-player.

    Dan: With regard to your string-library. Do you think a Windcontroller allows more expressivity than a keyboard??? With regard to your bass library: was that one based around guitar-to-midi-controllers???

    Thanks in advance



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    Re: Nick Phoenix & Dan Dean (please respond)

    None of the Quantum Leap libraries were programmed with non-keyboard controllers in mind. I hear, however that QL Brass works great with a wind controller with minimal setup. Bruce Richardson from prorec.com knows about this. The guitar library will work with a guitar controller, but some patches will be wierd, others cool.

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