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Topic: Library Advise for POP/ROCK/JAZZ/BLUES

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    Library Advise for POP/ROCK/JAZZ/BLUES

    Hi all!

    New to this forum and a pre-Giga-buyer I\'d like to know which libraries are a MUST for Pop & Rock, Jazz & Blues???

    I\'m not a film-composer and not someone who plays classical pieces. Sure: Some orchestra stuff is a nice addition in a Pop-Song, but I need some good libraries to start with:
    I need: Piano. Strings. Brasses & Woodwinds and what else could be useful (bass for example). (I belong to those Beatles/Clapton/Simon-fans!!!)

    Any advise appreciated



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    Re: Library Advise for POP/ROCK/JAZZ/BLUES

    Since selling Bigga Giggas, I hope you all forgive me for talking about our own stuff, I mean, that\'s the one\'s I know most about.
    The CD\'s from Essential Sound, Acoustic Essential, wich has very nice natural sounding drums and Harmonica Essentials, wich are a collection of great blues harp should fit in well with your purpose. May I humbly recommend my own produced \"Sune\'s L100\" wich is a virtual Hammond with all drawbars fully controllable via the MIDI surface. We have also just now released \"Jacaranda Guitar\" wich is a very extensive sampled Acoustic Guitar. For Pop/Rock I might suggest the \"Worra\'s Prophet\" and \"DX REX\" with Prophet-5 and DX11 samples. Won\'t cost you a fortune either. Check it out at www.biggagiggas.com
    Ok, enough spamming, I\'m sure there\'s many other great cd\'s out there besides Bigga Giggas....


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