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Topic: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

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    Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Hey Giga-buddies!

    Would anyone who owns the Malmsjo Acoustic Grand CD mind giving a short review of this sample CD? I\'m very interested in it, but would first like to hear some non-biased opinions on it.

    --How usable are the samples?
    --How playable is the ppp layer?
    --How would you rate the quality of the samples?
    --How \"even\" are the layers (i.e. do any notes sound louder/softer than the others)
    --This is a large sample (2-CDs). How well does GigaStudio play this sample? Any pops, clicks or delays?

    Thanks a bunch!!

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Yesterday I received the MAG CD set and - if it\'s any indication - I couldn\'t stop playing
    it til 6:00 this morning.
    In my opinion this library really is fantastic. It \'feels\' like playing an ancient
    Grand. - Very different from, say, GigaPiano. As to your questions I\'d say the following:
    The sample behaves very well in all velocity regions. In particular, I think they\'re very
    Of course the lowest notes come through very \'mushy\', but I mean this in a good sense
    because that\'s just what you see in a grand piano of that age.
    There is quite a bit of resonance in the sample, as well as ambience.
    GigaStudio has no problem at all with MAG, and I didn\'t notice any pops.
    Delays in midi response are probably due to the system I used and not different from
    those I usually get when playing piano samples.

    I can really recommend this library. In my opinion one shouldn\'t compare it to the
    Steinway, Yamaha or Boesendorfer libraries, however, because it seems to belong to an all
    different category of grand pianos.
    Given the very good price of this sample, I am sure you can\'t go wrong getting it.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Ditto to everything Jens has said.

    In addition, I edited the velocity layers to suit my old Fatar keyboard so that I could capture more of the ppp (soft pedal layer). Unlike the Gigapiano or the Steinway B (which I like a lot), the piano is very even and predictable at low velocities (1 to 30). I did not need lowpass filtering, which I use extensively in the Steinway sample.

    There is a note in the upper, upper register that is a wee bit out of tune. But I don\'t consider that an issue, at all.

    J.G. http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Thanks for the opinions guys, nice to get impressions from those that have used it.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>John said:
    >There is a note in the upper, upper register that is a wee bit out of tune(...)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    As long as you\'re tweaking in the editor, you know you can tweak the tuning of the sample? Or maybe you meant the strings of the note are out of tune with each other, in which case you might be able to borrow the sample(s) from the notes neighbors, you know it wasn\'t long ago that people didn\'t have the luxury of sampling every note and actually had to transpose samples... 8^)

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Yes, the latter, Sam, the strings are not in tune with each other. But, I actually like that sort of thing. Makes the piano more real.
    J.G http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?


    Your stuff sounds great!

    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Well, since I consider the folks at this forum to be pretty d...m knowledgeable, let me say frankly that some of my stuff I can\'t stand; while some of it I like. I\'ve encountered two main difficulties: the verb and the piano \"tone,\" and the two are insseparably linked, of course. Some cuts are as good as any live performance; others are sh.... (I\'m I allowed to use that word here?) But I keep working on the material; trying different settings, different velocities and note durations in the midi file, etc, etc, which factors tend to have a huge impact on the sound. In the end, I want to put together a competative WTC.

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?


    I have been working on a CD project (New Age) which has a lot of acoustic piano. I use the \"Dark Steinway\" sample (the one with Sam\'s modifications) and further EQ in CubaseVST/32. I have been using TCNative Reverb on the piano

    I recently downloaded the new Waves Renaissance Reverb (demo version) and boy is it amazing! Talk about detail, space and warmth! All solo piano tracks are being remixed, using this reverb. Possibly will be used on some other tracks, as well, but very difficult to use due to the EXTREME processing power required.

    I am using a P-III 500, with 256MB RAM. I can only run one instance of it, on two stereo audio tracks, with EQ. Even at that that, I\'m using 70-80% CPU! (This reverb is really designed for the next generation PI-V CPU\'s). But man, what a sound! The demo is fully working (and includes a ton of other plugins) for 14 days. I can\'t believe how much better this reverb makes the piano sound. It is FINALLY giving me the sound that I want. It sounds natural, and I am also now hearing things in the piano that I was not hearing before - good things. This reverb seems to make the Steinway sample sound more like a real piano.

    Check out the demo at www.waves.com . (BTW John, I\'m in Brantford, and have a source for a good price). Email me for details. I could also mail you a CDR mixdown, if you\'re interested in hearing what I\'m talking about. Of course, my stuff ain\'t Bach! It\'s Lougheed! (I use the pipe organ for playing Bach!)

    BTW, the Waves plugins are DirectX, so you will be able to use them, even if you are not using Cubase. (I seem to recall that you are a Cubase dude.

    Guess what my Christmas present is going to be?


    [This message has been edited by Lougheed (edited 11-25-2000).]

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?

    Lawrence, sure, send me your email address. I\'ve checked out Waves\' new verb and, unfortunately, had a basement flood that stopped my work dead in its tracks. So the demo\'s outlived its time-restriction. I\'d like to hear your piano material. Also, if you have a line on a good source, price-wise, for the verb and the organ, that would be great. My first impressions of the verb were that it was very close in sound to my modified \"concert\" setting on the sblive, but quieter, obviously. You\'re right on where you say that it affects the tone of the Steinway dramatically. I guess all verbs have a big impact; and the trick is to make that impact positive. My fugue #6, Bk 1, WTC sounds pretty good to me (an example of some material that is not \"sh...t\" where verb settings and the midi file itself make a big difference to the \"sound\"). I\'ve forgotten how I did it, naturally.

    I forked out for some Grado headphones, which I hope will really help me to fine-tune the sound. (That was AFTER the flood.)

    John Grant

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    Re: Malmsjo Acoustic Grand -- User Opinions?


    I can\'t send you my email address, since I don\'t know yours!


    [This message has been edited by Lougheed (edited 11-25-2000).]

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