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Topic: Question on GS vs. Akai libraries

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    Question on GS vs. Akai libraries

    Hi all. Thanks for your help.

    I\'m going to purchase the Miroslav library either for the Akai or for Gigastudio. I do have a couple hardware samplers in addition to GS, and I\'ve noticed some people have had trouble getting the S-convertor to import velocity switching correctly (as well as other features?) from Akai sample libraries.

    If I get the Akai version, will Translator or S-convertor manage to handle all the features correctly (and make it unnecessary to get the GS version), or will the best translated version still be a weak second cousin in some way to a native GS version?

    Thanks again for any help you may offer.

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    Re: Question on GS vs. Akai libraries


    If your gigasampler is working well and is your main workhorse, then I say GS format all the way. This is because the depth of programming and the availablity of all the patches right at your fingertips is superb. It allows for an uninterrupted creative flow. You can have all the various articulations available by keyswitch or by mod wheel adjustment!

    If you need to convert GIGs to AKAI or WAV format for use in your hardware samplers this can be done relatively easily using a program called \"Awave studio\" from fmjsoft. This costs $90 and is a very handy conversion tool for lots and lots of file formats. I guess you will need some SCSI device to load samples into your units. The \"Translator\" from chicken sys allows you to burn AKAI or EMU CD roms. Otherwise a SCSI ZIP may be an ideal soultion for you.

    In summary, I think the advantages of GIGA programs outweighs the benefit of having AKAI samples for COMPLEX libraries such as Miroslav and Advanced orchestra (Siedelechek)

    For simpler sample libraries either AKAI or native gig will be fine.

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    Re: Question on GS vs. Akai libraries

    Maybe you can make a deal with marcati to sell you both.

    I owned Akai Miro CD\'s for a while, then sent them back to Marcati in exchange for Giga format for a \"restocking fee\" (I think it was $100 per disc - not cheap but then again neither is the library).

    Good luck
    - Chris

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    Re: Question on GS vs. Akai libraries

    Getting the Giga libraries is always prefereable. Translator can convert the Akai programs very well, however.

    Garth Hjelte
    Chicken Systems Customer Support
    Home of \"Translator\"

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