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Topic: convert CDaudio of sample to wav

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    convert CDaudio of sample to wav

    y would like to known if there a way
    to convert a CD audio of sample into
    several wav files.
    Each track in fact contain 5 samples
    and the cd 50 tracks
    So i would like to have 250 wav files.
    I prefer a automatic method !!!

    thanks in advance

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    Re: convert CDaudio of sample to wav

    Automatically?? Wouldn\'t that be nice? Actually, I\'ve never figured out a way to do this automatically. I usually rip my files and manually separate them out as separate files in Sound Forge. I\'ve done this for over 50 sfx cds, so believe me..if there was an automated way to do this, I\'d be all over it!

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    Re: convert CDaudio of sample to wav

    i\'ve promised myself NEVER to do that kind of manual operations again...
    You can play around with the \"auto region\" function in Sound Forge after you ripped your stuff to .wav, and with the batch converter you can pretty much automate the whole load. HUGE timesaver. try it out!
    also check out a freeware called \"waveknife\",and another program called Samplicut (sorry, no links).
    good luck.

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    Re: convert CDaudio of sample to wav

    i must be tired... try the \"auto trim/crop\" function, set optimal attack and release values and use the function \"remove silence between phrases (creating regions)\". then use \"extract regions\" (under \"tools\").
    i know there\'s other ways to do this in sforge but i think i\'ll have to get some sleep before i recall any more of that stuff...

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    Re: convert CDaudio of sample to wav

    There is a program. *** Wavknife ***
    It\'s great
    TRY IT
    the adress is http://www.spacetaxi.de/sf/waveknife.html

    best regards
    Fabrice Guillermin

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