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Topic: Hey Nick Phoenix

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    Hey Nick Phoenix

    Hi Nick.

    Just recently bought QL Guitars/Bass. WOW!! That strat sound alone is worth the purchase price. You can distort it, chorus it, delay it.. totally playable and malleable. Great job. Thanks.

    One small question: (If this has been brought up before, my apologies for rehashing it) Is it just me or are there some tuning problems on Acoustic God? While quickly messing around, I tried just flying in some fingerpicking parts on top of some existing mixes, and it sounded kinda out to me. It\'s no big deal, as tuning in GSEdit is easy..

    Any other QL Guitar users notice this, or, again, is it just me?

    Ed Lima

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    Yes, acoustic god is out of tune by about 30 cents. Sorry, I was a GIGidiot when I programmed that library.

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix


    Will your QL Woodwinds library contain a legato sustained piccolo? When will the library be available?

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    I don\'t plan to mess with QL guitars. I think the flaws are minor enough. I already pressed 1000 of them anyway.

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    So Nick then the pitch bend and the minor tuning problem are the only corections to be made if so then I agree it would not be worth it

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    Nick, this is twice you have posted how you bunggled on your GB library. Are you planning an upgrade to remedy these programing flaws.

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    Thanks for the follow-up Nick. Good luck with Rare Instruments.

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    Re: Hey Nick Phoenix

    Is QL Guitar/Bass library the best choice for electric guitar sounds with Gst? Or are there any other good ones available?


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