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Topic: Theremin sounds?

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    Theremin sounds?

    Anyone know if there´s a Sample CD out
    there with the Theremin? In either GIG or
    another format.

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    Re: Theremin sounds?

    A theremin is extremely easy to emulate using a simple sine wave. Link the amplitude to pitch and then perform it with some sort of controller (I link them to cc#2 and use a wind controller, but that\'s my controller of choice).
    If you want the horror theremin sound, simply assign an lfo to manipulate the pitch.
    I\'m sure that Donnie and Sean will be putting out the comprehensive theremin library with every possible variation spanning 15 CD (or 3 DVDs may the case be), but my approach will most likely give you better results

    (my apologies to Donnie and Sean for this truly sarcastic commentary)

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    Re: Theremin sounds?

    Hey! That was almost below the belt and besides it would be 20 cd\'s at least to cover everything properly


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 11-15-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 11-15-2000).]

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    Re: Theremin sounds?

    I know a better way to emulate the theremin. It involves a violin bow and a haggis.

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    Re: Theremin sounds?

    Yes Nick, but the haggis has to WANT to emulate the theremin...

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    Re: Theremin sounds?

    hey nick...please email me...I have something I need to ask you..




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