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Topic: Has anyone heard this drum cd?

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    Has anyone heard this drum cd?

    Has anyone used Sonic Implant\'s giga format Drums Implant CD? A bunch of demos are at http://www.sonicimplants.com/sonicgiga/gigasamplerdrum.htm

    I think they sound awesome but then again I am new at this. I would like to see what other people think of those samples as compared to clearmountain drums.

    Basically I am trying to find rhe \"best\" drums cd.


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    Re: Has anyone heard this drum cd?

    Hi Brian!

    I have used the Sonic Implants Drum Implants in soundfont format and found them to be a great sounding buy for the money. I would expect their giga stuff is of similar quality. Also, thanks for alerting me about their giga sounds.


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    Re: Has anyone heard this drum cd?

    I just ordered Small Ambient Two. I must say it is awesome. Best giga drums CD I have and it was only $24.95 to download. Great real acoustic kits - 4 or 5 snare/kick variations. And a bunch of kits with smaller snares and filtered. I\'m blown away with the quality. I hooked up my KAT pad and I swear I was playing a well miked kit.

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