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Topic: What is that noise on soundtrack recordings?

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    What is that noise on soundtrack recordings?

    Have any of you ever noticed that noise like someone dropped papers or a stick on soundtrack recordings? I recently was listening to \'Schindlers List\' and heard during one of the tracks, can\'t remember which, that sound. I hear it on other soundtrack CDs also, like \'American Beauty\'(the resolving string chord on track 18 at the end) usually during passages with strings. Is someone in the orchestra just clumsy and dropped their music sheets or is it the conductor dropping his baton? Anyone know what I\'m talking about?

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    Re: What is that noise on soundtrack recordings?

    Hehe I think it\'s cute and charming! Noise from the players adds to the human warmth of the music. I\'ve sampled alot of casual noise from the symphony hall which I sometimes use to give the listener the impression of a real life orchestral recording! Call me weird!

    It\'s also more evident in smaller orchestras. Chamber music or minimalistic stuff at low dynamics etc. I guess what you\'re hearing is clumsy players. Remember that for quiet string stuff (moving around P-PPP) it is sometimes necessary to boost gain on the mics covering that section. This can obviously lead to more audible background noise!
    What do you other guys think?


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    Re: What is that noise on soundtrack recordings?

    Mmm, that would be the sounds of cellists and trombonists picking up their race guides and knitting on their way out the door because the session\'s going past their agreed call length.

    I\'m not kidding. These guys often don\'t get paid enough, and couldn\'t give a tinker\'s cuss for a composer\'s deadlines.

    I remember a session where I heard all this noise over the monitors in the control room - during a take. I looked up to see half the french horns walking out the door MID-TAKE!

    Admittedly, we\'d had equipment problems and were running behind, but we\'d bought these guys cappuccinos and sandwiches while they waited and it all counted for nought.

    Remember the old story about the rattling sound they couldn\'t get rid of during groupd vocals for \'We are the World\'? Turned out to be Cindy Lauper\'s accessories.....

    To be serious for a second, I don\'t really think it\'s cute. I\'d like the ability to overdub paper shuffling and chair moves if I want it, rather than be stuck with it.

    It\'s a bit annoying to see \'professional\' musicians apply the same standards to a recording session as they do to a concert recital in a big barn. It doesn\'t take much of a brain to realise that if mikes are on, even though your part is over, any noise you make is going to be added to your fellow musicians\' performance.

    It doesn\'t have to happen, it\'s just slack and distracting from the mood in the end.

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