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Topic: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

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    My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Hey folks! I just got my new computer yesterday. A Duron 700 and 512mb ram. Everything seems to work fine. I\'m getting 160 voices of poly in GST, but it keeps crashing on me so I had to switch back to Gigasampler for now.

    Anyway this post is a follow-up to everybody who have been questioning me about my brass library used in my compositions.

    This is some simple stuff I put together today. It consists solely of my brass samples, except for kirk hunter strings and mcgill university harp. So I guess this piece goes out to all the Kirk Hunter non-believers as well!

    This is an example of my FF 4 horns .gig. It consists of staccato, port 0.3,0.6,1.0 and 2.0 second samples. I think it sounds pretty good.

    Oh everything was mixed on this comp using SBlive reverb. Hope you like it!


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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Since Thomas is naturally a bit shy about his samples, I\'ll be the one to say it:

    Future Brass Lib Makers take notice - THIS is how it\'s done. We want orchestral samples that scream *power*.


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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Haha Marc I like to think of brass instruments as car horns The louder they are, the cooler they sound =) (and the more people they annoy)

    See you around on IRC, Marc!

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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)


    Your samples are REALLY great, but your writing and sequencing is REALLY REALLY great!

    Excellent work.

    (Feeling quite humbled listening to all this great stuff!)

    - Chris

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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    I can\'t get any of those two examples.... link is dead?

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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Wow! Sounds wonderful! I\'m curious about a couple of things though...

    How does a 19 probably 18 at the time year old get the money, the players,the recording equipment, and hall to do all those recordings? I ask because as a developer we have looked into getting players and renting halls to do recordings and it is very expensive. Please if you know something we don\'t---let us know! I for one would be greatly in debt to you!

    Also I would like to get one .wav file from this library. Actually preferably two; one from the legato patch and one from the staccato patch. If this is possible you can email me at




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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    My guess would be that Thomas has a father or somebody else in his family that have access to a orchestra hall and players, or maybe he plays some instrument(s) himself in a orchestra.

    Am I right Thomas ?

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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Damn, that sounds GREAT Thomas!

    mmmm WANT some........

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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)


    Wonderful work! Like the others I\'m wondering what the origins of your brass samples are? Did you record them yourself?


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    Re: My Brass Library (mp3s!)

    Now it works! GEEEZ this is good! Not only the brass, also the rest Sounds very realistic, except for maybe the two last ff trumpet (or was it trombone) chords at 1:00 in brassex are a bit too \'chordish\' I think. But.... when will we be able to get our hands on this library? )

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