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Topic: Sample library conversions

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    Re: Sample library conversions

    I used CDxtract to convert a bunch of Roland stuff without any problems.

    Are you sure you\'re converting at the right \'level\'?

    I was converting patches - which normally cover the whole keyboard range. They\'re equivalent to an instrument in Giga speak.

    I\'m just not sure what you mean by \'the whole voice of the sound\'.

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    Sample library conversions

    Hi, I\'ve got some Roland (amongst other formats) sample libraries, which I\'m hoping to convert to .gigs. I\'ve downloaded the demo of CDExtract, to see how it copes, but it seems to convert every single patch separately, not the whole voice sound.
    Could anyone with any experience or solutions for doing this please help me out, I\'m getting a little confused.

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    Re: Sample library conversions

    No, it\'s alright, I was just being a bit dense. Bit tired. Thanks anyway.

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    Re: Sample library conversions

    Sometimes a patch is not the whole voice. Sometimes a Performance is used to layer Patches.

    For a whole new way and better way of translating Roland sounds, see www.chickensys.com/translator - it compresses Performances, creates Gigasampler Performance files, translates every kind of Roland loop you can think of, etc. etc.


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