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Topic: Best Drumkits yet!!!!!

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    Best Drumkits yet!!!!!

    The new 64 meg drum expansion board for the Roland XV-5080 is amazing. Even though the samples are compressed, it still sounds great. All drums have 4 way velocity switching and tons of kit ambience. This is not to say that I will never use any other sounds, but this is the best single collection of acoustic drum sounds that I have ever heard, by far.

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    Re: Best Drumkits yet!!!!!

    Now all we need is some way to convert them to .gigs!!

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    Re: Best Drumkits yet!!!!!

    I believe Eric Peirsing who did SOV and the Distorted Reality volumes 1 and 2 did \'Dynamic Drums\' for Roland. Spectrasonics is the \'Rolls Royce\' of samples IMHO.

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