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Topic: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

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    Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    Does anyone know where to get drum loop/fill midi files online. I figure with the samll size of MIDI files there has to be free resources out there. I really need some blues shuffle loops/fills as well as ethnic and of course standard rock.

    I recently ordered giga Accoustic Essentials (which supposedly has great drum samples) and am now trying to get some loops/fills to test it out with as well as to compose with.


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    Re: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    I\'m looking for the same thing. Anyone know if there are good sites for MIDI loop files to take advantage of using GS for the sounds rather than using audio drum loops?


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    Re: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    I would be interested in looking at some MIDI files. Here is my email address:

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    Re: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    I noticed a couple people are interested in this topic. I recently found some awesome midi files. I paid $50 for drumtrax which you can get at www.drumtrax.com. Cakewalk\'s Session Drummer is a actually a very small subset of drumtrax. The complete drumtrax has tons of great stuff. I really do feel it was very well spent $50. Originally I didn\'t want to spend a dime, but when you see how much stuff it comes with you\'ll see what I mean. And all MIDI was recorded by pros on electronic kits, so there is a lot of human feel. With the right playback system (I use gigastudio with some giga cd\'s) drumtrax will make your drums sound as close to the real thing as you would need!

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    Re: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    Are you Cakewalk or Sonar users? there are a few good MIDI-fill samples (DRUM folder) or use the Plug-ins program called Session Drummer™
    If not, I could share with you a few of them. (only MIDI files, not the program).
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Where to get Drum Loop/Fill MIDI files?

    Now dont laugh but..

    Have you tried JAMMER or pg musics BAND IN A BOX ?
    Jammer was a freebie on the coverdisk of Computer Music (www.computermusic.co.uk)
    im sure they do back issue sales.

    I use it to write my drum patterns/ export to a midi file, import into logic,nudge it about a bit...well you get the drift..
    (it has also stopped my drummer-bud from feeling like he needs to \'grow\' some extra limbs!)
    Hope this helps

    ps i dont work for any of the above

    The Blob

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