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Topic: what would you like to see?

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    what would you like to see?

    As many of you know we are in the process of recording some new libraries and we are debating some issues that you guys might be able to help us out with...

    16 bit vs. 24 bit/ this seems like an easy one BUT with the amount of samples that we have in many of our instruments (marimba for example) we would quickly have a 300 meg marimba.

    mono vs. stereo/ for me I like having mono files to work with. They are much easier to move around in the stereo field. But what do you think?

    cd or dvd/ we haven\'t researched this fully yet but I would assume that manufacturing costs and therefore selling cost could be cheaper if we could put everything on one disc instead of four.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions? Please let us know.


    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: what would you like to see?

    Hi Donnie,

    16 vs 24 bit: For now, the advantages of 24-bit sampling don\'t necessarily outweigh the bandwidth issues. It\'s also a bit of a red herring, and some end users who have not sampled much themselves may not understand it.

    When sampling softer strikes, engineers don\'t generally let the signal get too low. They raise the input by several dB, so they still record a full bandwidth signal. So, even with the softest strikes, the actual signals are well above the 16-bit noise floor. Then, the instrument builder does the exact opposite, reducing the playback level of these soft strikes down to the appropriate loudness within the GS Editor.

    With good sampling technique, there is never an issue of a soft strike being represented by only a few bits.

    I know I\'m preaching to the choir <g> but some users may not know that, and may be requesting 24-bit samples for reasons that don\'t necessarily exist in reality.

    And of course, that\'s a different issue than that of an end user writing 24-bit files FROM GigaStudio, which is clearly advantageous.

    Or of the instrument builder recording the SESSION files at 24-bit depth, then quantizing those to 16-bit when building the mastering files. That lets the builder take advantage of the higher bit depth when de-noising, leveling, etc., but doesn\'t mean that the final sampled product must be delivered at that depth.

    So I would vote to stay at 16-bit depth for now. The advantage of going to 24-bit is almost moot with good sampling technique, but the bandwidth issues are VERY real when you start running out of polyphony.

    CD vs. DVD: I\'d stick to CD for now. For me personally, I can see situations where I\'d be in the field and not be able to get to samples I needed via the DVD method. I don\'t think we\'re at the saturation level yet where DVD access can be called universal.

    Hope all is going well at DS Soundware.

    Best regards,


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    Re: what would you like to see?

    16-bit is fine, IMHO the most important thing is how you process the sound after the recording, so using 32-bit or 24-bit the rest of the way up till mastering will be good. I think sample sizes in GS libraries are big enough as it is now. My 320MB of mem is way too little....
    Stereo or mono. Well ... some samples sound better in stereo if you want to capture the room ambience too. So maybe providing both would be a real treat!
    And btw Donnie.. when will we see that timpani disc out? )


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    Re: what would you like to see?

    And oh... DVD definitely. It won\'t be long before DVD is just as standard as CD drives, and having just one disc would be cheaper for you and more convinient for us - you could even put demos or other things on the DVD as the space problem is non-existing (for the moment).


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    Re: what would you like to see?

    Good to hear from you guys...

    The timpani library will definately be the first one to come out. We are shooting for before Christmas but I\'ll be sure to let you all know. I\'m still anxious to get more feedback on the DVD, CD issue.

    Thanks for the input,


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    Re: what would you like to see?


    Please 16-bit.

    I don\'t have a DVD player. Probaby won\'t buy one either.
    Please CD-ROM only.
    If it\'s DVD, then I can\'t purchase and won\'t.
    When the drum sets come out if it\'s DVD then you lost this customer.

    BTW, I really like the orch. and have confidence in your quality so far. So, I look to your company when new releases come out.

    [This message has been edited by Marty (edited 10-31-2000).]

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    Re: what would you like to see?

    My two cents?

    16 V 24 bit
    This year, deliver in 16 bit format.
    By all means keep your masters in 24 bit and you can do a \'remastered\' release when hard disks and CPUs are much bigger/cheaper.

    Mono V Stereo
    Stereo files turn my 120 voice Gigastudio into a 60 voice sampler. For the time being I would like both stereo and mono options for most patches so I get maximum sounds and polyphony. You can probably tell at the time of recording whether stereo miking is doing anything for the samples. I like the idea of working up the arrangement with mono samples and then replacing them at mix time (unless the stereo effect is so crucial that you can\'t write properly for the instrument without it - but that\'d be rare)

    If there was good library I needed right awau available on DVD, I think I\'d swap my CDrom drive for a DVD player. The end user should be reminded that the saving on library purchase can offset the DVD purchase.

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    Re: what would you like to see?

    16-bit, for now. I don\'t believe Gstudio can play back 24-bit files yet anyway. CD for now. Mono OK.

    But as I suggested in the other thread, it will be worth it to hold onto the 24-bit masters for a later re-release for if/when Gstudio does support it. I blv this is especially true of percussive sounds, which rapidly peak and decay in dynamic level.

    The only sampler I know of that currently plays back 24-bit files is the emagic EXS. If anyone has it or has an acquaintance with whom they can test it out, I\'d suggest listening to a drum groove played back with 24-bit samples.


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    Re: what would you like to see?


    1. Keep everything in the 24bit domain till mastering on 16 bit/CDrom.
    2. Then for Christmas or Eastern launch your \'Golden Series\' (or Platinum, or Professional, or ...), being the FIRST EVER 24bit/DVD Gigiastudio Sample Series
    3. Do a special direct marketing campaign to professional studio\'s
    4. and ..give a rebate to the members of this board (after all we provide you with input).
    5. See what gives.

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    Re: what would you like to see?

    Donnie, don\'t listen to Arch - I don\'t know what year he is, wanting mono and CD only If people want your library they won\'t have a problem shelling out the 100 bucks for a DVD drive - the DVD drive will also give them many other advantages (I just bought Encarta Reference Suite on one DVD instead of 6 CD\'s - thank God no swapping).

    Other than that.. I\'m mostly interested in your orchestral stuff, BUT I\'ll probably buy your drumset too. Now, Timpani will be out pretty soon you say, how about the orchestral brass stuff? Can we expect that 1st quarter 2001 or will it be later?


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