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Topic: 'Distorted Reality 2' question

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    \'Distorted Reality 2\' question

    I recently bought \'DR 2\' and completely love it, but I am using a sound under the \'Radiant\' category called \"Paradise\" and noticed that there is some small break-up- like noise if you listen real hard when the sample peaks and when it decays especially in Eb5. Has anyone else noticed this, or could it just be the sample was a little overdriven with effects and distorted a little? It sounds to me like it\'s not supposed to be there because the sound is a really pretty, ambient pad.
    I\'m just concerned because I wrote a song that I really like and would like to figure out a way to clean up that sound.

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    Re: \'Distorted Reality 2\' question

    works fine for me. Could it be you\'re hearing the high end transients being shifted as distortion? There is a little sparkle that comes in from time to time that at Eb5 is played back slower. It makes those transients more mid rangy, which definately is a bit ore \"grating\".

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    Re: \'Distorted Reality 2\' question

    It could be that the high end transients are shifting as distortion. It just sounds to me though like it breaks up, almost like it\'s clipping but very, very softly when the sound peaks and decays. I don\'t know if this was intentional or not for the sound, but it still kinda bugs me because it\'s such a beautiful pad.
    Thanks for your reply King

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