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Topic: Any gamelan samples?

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    Any gamelan samples?

    does anyone know of any good gamelan samples? thanks

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    Re: Any gamelan samples?

    Spectrasonics\' \"Heart of Asia\" has quite a few good patches.

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    Re: Any gamelan samples?

    If you check out ilio.com, they have a CD-ROM with nothing but Gamelan sounds called \"Complete Gamelan.\" I haven\'t heard it yet so I can\'t comment on it.
    The new CD_ROM \"Ethno World\" has some gamelan sounds like the saron, gong besar, anklung, but they\'re all very cold sounding. The quality of the samples are great but they lack warmth. They gong besar 2 is nice, but the saron sounds to much to me like a glockenspiel.
    I would suggest checking out all of the demos and see for yourself. I have heard also that \"Heart of Asia\" has some very nice gamelan sounds on it.
    Go to Yahoo and type in Lil Chips Roland Area and when you get there click on products then look for the JV/XP expansion boards. When you get there, click on \"Asia\". They have 2 demos of sounds that were used off the \"Heart of Asia\" CD. One demo starts with just the gamelan sounds and it is very nice. Time+Space.com also has a demo of \"Heart of Asia\" but it doesn\'t feature the gamelan sounds, but some other great flute sounds and vocal phrases.

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