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Topic: anbody from Norway?

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    anbody from Norway?


    Is there anbody from Norway on this forum?

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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    No, but Sweden, Heja Norden!
    If I ever get tired on being ruled from Bryssel, I\'ll emigrate.....


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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    cool...I didn\'t know that you are from Sweden..
    I\'m not Norwegian acctualy, but I curently live in Norway, I was looking for some help on what\'s the cheapest and fastest way to buy some samples in Norway...
    I know that you in sweden have a lot of dealers and distributors...but had no luck finding them here..

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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    eh, av ren nyfikenhet: var fick du namnet \"worra\" ifrån? är det nån lokal term ni har i eskilstuna eller vad?
    Jag vill även uppmana alla svenskar här att i fortsättningen enbart skriva inlägg på svenska. Garanterat irriterande för omgivningen! Jag menar, tänk vad förbryllade alla jänkarna o skottarna kommer bli när dom försöker tyda dehär inlägget.
    Upp till kamp!

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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    Me Norwegian. And to prove it: Hvorfor i alle dager bor du i Norge? Ingen bor der frivillig!
    You\'ll probably have a tough time finding a distributor of sample libraries in Norway; too small a country, too obscure of a commodity.
    I\'m actually living in the US, and usually when I go back home for holidays and such I have my suitcase full of audio hardware and software for my poor brethren there. As with everything else, expect to pay twice what you pay in the US in Norway for sample libraries.


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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Freud:
    eh, av ren nyfikenhet: var fick du namnet \"worra\" ifrån? är det nån lokal term ni har i eskilstuna eller vad?

    [This message has been edited by Freud (edited 10-13-2000).]

    All English-talking people, sorry about this, but I just have to ask:

    Hur faaan vet du att jag är, (eller var) från Eskilstuna??????????

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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    HAHAHA!!! I can\'t believe people would actually travel to Norway out of sher lust! Norway has to be the biggest dump of a country en el mundo! It\'s cold here. Pretty darned cold actually. It never goes about 25 degrees celcius in the summertime, and people here are boring and unfriendly (I guess me being the exception eh? hehe But still there is something I love about my country. A hidden something that keeps me from going mad. And it sure ain\'t the booze (coz at $40 for a bottle of vodka you\'d have to be drunk already to buy it)

    Enuff said! If you ever planned on coming to Norway I suggest you do some serious reconsideration, coz :
    1) you aren\'t welcome
    2) you ain\'t got the bucks
    3) you ain\'t used to the infernal heat
    4) even if you got the bucks, you prolly won\'t have it for long, taking the crimerate into consideration.

    No.. I\'m moving to Portugal as soon as I\'m done studying

    Don\'t get me wrong. I don\'t hate Norway. I just hate everything about it. Actually you could say I\'m a nationalist. I participate in the activities on independence day, I smile on rainy days and I have the common interest to protect the small country from becoming a multi-cultural meltingpot like i.e London. Not that I dislike London. It just wouldn\'t suit the cities in Norway. I guess it is partly because of the outrageously steep prices, rediculous politics and a treathened monarcy (in which the prince marries a convicted criminal) that the common norwegian finds a reason to live here. Expectations as to what more can go wrong strongly affects my motivation to stay . The excitement of waking up every day to learn about new hilarious incidents, is by far better than watching a good comedy. Watching the \"clever\" guys at work really is quite a circus. A circus happening before our very eyes. The future holds many suprises. More in Norway than anywhere else in the world. I\'m curious, so I\'ll stay a while longer. In 4 years they can say bye bye to tax money from me.

    Once again I get carried away. I hope I didn\'t offend any norwegians here

    Oh there is one nice thing about norway. The nature. The scenery. If you prefer thick forests and large fjords etc.. then Norway is probably your best bet. I prefer sunny beaches and cheap drinks and hot brunettes Neither of which you\'ll find in Norway, that\'s for certain.


    (PS! I\'m ashamed of myself )

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    Re: anbody from Norway?

    Worra: Haha, en ren och vild gissning! Ska köpa en lott imorgon... allt skumt folk bor ju eskilstuna, så jag tänkte att...

    Thomas: hmmm, I allways thought it was the prince\'s girlfriends ex that was the criminal one...?
    well, your the norwegian around here, so i guess you\'d know better than I. oh, and don\'t wear out all your lusekoftas.

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