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Topic: New Gigasampler/Gigastudio sample-cd's

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    New Gigasampler/Gigastudio sample-cd\'s


    Just wanted to inform you about some great new releases. Check out www.biggagiggas.com.

    Post Organs for Gigastudio
    The Post Organ Toolkit re-created for GigaStudio format. Longer sample loops, GSP Performance setups for ease of use; new release triggered actual hall ambience added to some organs. If you have GigaStudio, this is worth it!
    Post Organs for Gigastudio $139
    SPECIAL UPGRADE OFFER: This UPGRADE only available to owners of the original Post Organ Toolkit. Proof of purchase will be required. E-mail biggagiggas@aol.com if you have questions before ordering. (If you purchased from BiggaGiggas , we already know. This requirement is only necessary for those users who purchased through other authorized Bigga Giggas dealers.)
    Post Organs for Gigastudio Upgrade $49

    Boris Unitra
    Collectors\' item analog rhythm box circa 1989 from Poland. 32 rhythm patterns sampled at multiple tempo ranges and perfectly looped. Mapped to Gigasampler files clearly marked by tempo for ease of use. Check out the mp3 demo online in glasstrax.com/biggagiggas/ area to see if this funky beat box appeals to you!
    Boris Unitra $30


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    Re: New Gigasampler/Gigastudio sample-cd\'s

    Have the tuning problems been fixed on this new version? I find that I can only use maybe 50% of the sounds in the Post Organ Toolkit because of tuning issues. I find most of the sounds were out of tune when doing piano and organ duets. This creates a lot of extra work when I have to tune the organ.

    Hopefully the sound quality has improved on this version.

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