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Topic: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

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    New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Hey everyone,

    Man, it sure has been a long time since I posted any music on the forum. This is the Main Title cue for my newest film score, Dating a Zombie. It's an Action/Adventure, Horror, Comedy film...

    ...yeah kind of strange, I agree!!!

    Anyway, give it a listen and please let me know what you think.

    Have a good day,

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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Hello Jonny, welcome back to the forum! It seems all kinds of people are finding their way back to northern sounds, it's great to see!

    I really like what you have written here. The percussion near the beginning is a wonderful setup for what follows. This certainly is a great action/adventure style piece, and based on the title, I could imagine that it would be on the comedic side...morbid comedy maybe, but certainly comedy nonetheless! There is also a nice tension you have developed throughout, which I could see fitting all genres nicely!

    Thanks for sharing, and again, glad to see you back!
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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Jonny Lost!-- Now there's a name I haven't seen like forever. Welcome back, Jonny--And stick around!

    Fun movie theme, nicely done!


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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Great soundtrack piece. There's a lot of cool elements in there - percussion is sounding great and driving the piece on. The low strings/brass also sound nice and meaty.

    The only element letting it down for me is the high strings starting around 1 min and continuing for a bit. I think they're the only weak element in an otherwise great rendering.
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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Yo Jonny! I love this soundtrack. Some of my best friends a Zombies. I think that this makes me visualize a zombie eating a tasty brain. I never have to worry about the zombie people because, well I have no brain. I really do like the cinematic sound that this has. It is very persuasive.
    Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Nice work!!! What did you use to do this?

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    Re: New Film Score: Dating a Zombie Main Title

    Howdy Jonny,

    It's an exciting and suspenseful opening cue.

    I hope the movie does well.

    A northwest filmmaker was filming some scenes for a zombie movie a few months ago in my down town Shelton, WA. They had an ad in the local paper for made up zombie volunteers.


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