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Topic: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

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    Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    I\'ve heard the demos of both these CDs from Spectrasonics and they sound great. Could someone give me a light review of some of the more treated multisampled sounds on Distorted realty 2-Darkness and Light? I\'ve noticed alot of beautiful pads and effects sounds, but what about the bell sounds. I\'m looking for weird sounds I can create melodies to more then just ambient pads, distorted guitars and fx. Also, I noticed that the drum loops are \'groove control\' oriented. Does that mean I have to still buy \'Groove Control\' also to achieve the full effect of being able to manipulate tempos and patterns or does Distorted Reality 2 already come with that feature?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. The price is affordable but I want to make sure this CD will add to my weird sound collection. I recently bought Advanced Orchestra compact edition and was totally displeased with it. The strings have terrible attacks and the woodwinds sound like brass to me! The only 4 sounds I used from that library was the harp, tremelo strings, pizzicato, and gran cassa. Other then that, I could simply do without it, I sure do wish there was a way I could get rid of some of my sample CDs so I could get new ones, but I guess that\'s illegal. :-(

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    Hi Damon,
    we love the theme distoreted reality. But for a distoreted reality you also need a very good sampler engine. I have to say: Now for this the E-mu is the better sampler. To distored the reality you must have possibilities to program very detailed and variable a lot of effects. The effects in the GigaSampler now are to rough. Our E-mu version has more of this idea. I\'m hoping the GigaSampler egine will grow, and I thing its on the way. We want to update some programs in the future, so maybe we can satiesfy such wishes.

    Georg -Xsample

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    Re: Distorted Reality 1 or 2?

    I have both,...I like one better in some cases, and 2 better in others. I\'m not a big fan of the drum loops on 2....right now..I know ther\'ll be a time I want to throw one in, but there are just so many that I think its overkill. I like the pads alot more on one, some of them are very big and lush. 2 seems to have more ambient pads that add atmosphere, even tho they are musical. As always get both if you can afford it there are a lot of sounds that jsut add to music and help with creating sound effects. As for Groove Control, you don\'t have to buy the groove control version of the loops, that is a seperate CD I believe that consists of just the loops found on DR2.

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