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Topic: "Ethno World" review

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    \"Ethno World\" review

    The new \"Ethno World\" 3 CDROM set by Best Service for gigasampler has some fantastic drum loops-derbuka, small derbuka, african dunn dunns, etc..but guess what-no tabla loops! ACHHH!
    It does feature a nice \'Falcon\' guitar from Japan and some other great stringed instruments(mandolin, banjo framus, kantele). The woodwinds are very good too, although I was hoping there would be a doudouk sample. A little to many snake charmer-like flutes though.
    The metal instruments sound a bit to cold. I was hoping for some better gamelan instruments. The only gamelan instruments are the saron gamelan-a music box-glockinspeil like sound and the gong besar and the anklung. I was hoping these sounds would have been a bit warmer. They\'re very cold unlike the nice Metallphon samples which have nice warmth.
    There are a few other samples I could do without such as the military snares, pitched timbales, etc..
    Do any of you guys have this CD yet? If so, what do you think of it?
    My favorite patch is the gong besar 2, but unfortunately it is detuned so I can\'t use any normal regular tuned samples to play along with it. (Bummer!)
    I kind of wish I saved more money and got the \"Heart of Asia\" CD from Spectrasonics.
    There are some nice samples on it though, but I was hoping to find more usable ones with my music.

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    Re: \"Ethno World\" review

    I bought this set a few days ago. I\'ve toyed with it some, but not really much. I do like most of the sounds. I haven\'t gotten through all of the last CD yet but will sometime in the next week. I\'d like to save any real review until I really get into the set, but what I will say is. I\'ve never owned any \"ethnic\" sample CD sets. The only thing that came close was the Roland JV/XP \"world\" expansion board. This set seems to be something with alot of \"different\" instruments, rather than the other \"ethnic\" sets that generally focus on one area of the world.

    What I\'ve toyed with I like. I\'m a geek for reprocessing takes from Giga, so I look more for the fluidity I can get out of sequencing the sounds, and the programming. The programming is good (not amazing or outstanding), and the sounds are good enough for most arrangments, and some solo work, IMO. I could have done with more velocity samples or atleast some more on the woodwinds with more \"air\"/\"breath\" for some expressiveness. As I said I haven\'t played with it enough so they may actually be there and I jsut didn\'t fool around with it long enough.

    One thing I did like was the pitched programms that allow for some different sounds. While maybe not traditional, would sound good mixed with different types of music.

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